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2020-11-09 07:09:44

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With our Xbox Series X / S guide you will learn more about How to charge the controller.

What to know about the Xbox Series X / S

We are in the presence of a pair of new Microsoft consoles, which will lead us to a series of questions, including some related to control, it is certainly ideal to consider that if it is possible to charge it as it is wireless, but this is capable of using different methods for charging, being necessary to consider that not all batteries can be charged as through the Xbox One and Charge Kit, so it is necessary that we know how to charge the control and the details will be in the next content.

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How to charge the Xbox Series X / S control?

We have the inclusion of a USB-C port, which any of us comes to think is for the purpose of charging our control but it is the opposite, the control of these latest generation consoles brings AA batteries for their respective power supply, this is similar to the previous consoles, for now it is not possible to have rechargeable batteries for this control, however there is an option to consider, for charging this we can use the same charging and game kit as used in the Xbox One, it is possible to charge it through the USB-C port that will work as usual, but in the case of third-party batteries it is necessary to install a new back cover, since we must take into account the Different design for the Xbox Series X and S when compared to the Xbox One, because these are not compatible, so the use of the rechargeable battery with the USB-C is the most feasible to follow.

 We can conclude that getting to know how to charge the control is easier than we thought and with what we learned we can continue to enjoy the Xbox Series X / S

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