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2022-04-25 10:15:45

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Today we bring you a Windows 11 guide where we will talk about how to fix Nvidia graphics card not detected.

What to know about Nvidia graphics card not detected in Windows 11?

It is possible that when connecting it to our system it is not detected, which can happen for different reasons, so looking to see How to repair the Nvidia graphics card not detected there are some possible solutions to follow and for this the details are presented in the following content, let's see it

How to fix Nvidia graphics card not detected in Windows 11?

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On many occasions the problem may be in some outdated drivers, in the BIOS versions and an obsolete installation, the safest thing is almost always to perform a reinstallation, then it is ideal to install our graphics card again, because the dust accumulated in the slot PCIe x16 comes to affect the graphics, an important reason why it is not detected, what we will do is a quick reinstall, we will clean the slot if necessary and with this we can solve it, now in the case of the drivers it is opportune that let's download the most recent ones, starting from the hardware components that require it, in the specific case of the graphics card we have to go to the official Nvidia website to download them, considering that they will be the most recent.

Finally, now that we know how to fix Nvidia graphics card not detected, it is possible to return to normal in Windows 11.

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