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Sea of Thieves offers us more activities to do and for this reason we will tell you how to collect megalodon souls.

What to know about the collection of megalodon souls in Sea of Thieves?

The first thing that we must make clear is that these are fierce creatures that it is crucial to face, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to collect megalodon souls, so it is important to take care of executing some explorations as we progress and this implies entering at sea.

How to collect megalodon souls in Sea of Thieves?

 It is necessary to take care of finding the amount of 4 megalodons and that is what Belle asks us, this is because it is the amount necessary to invoke The Shrouded Ghost, to collect these souls we must venture into The Shrouded Deep and in order to get to this point we will have to have completed the first chapter where it will be Belle who tells us that I will require 4 magalodon souls, specifically we must get these in Sea of Thievess:
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    • The soul of ancient terror.
    • The soul of the Crested Queen.
    • The Soul of the Hungry.
    • ShadowMaw's soul.


     We must take care of selecting one of the options and then Belle usually gives us the necessary materials to proceed to summon the respective creatures.

    It should be noted that knowing how to collect megalodon souls makes it necessary to consider that there are more players doing this same job, we will not be the only ones, there is even the possibility that other players may have done it in advance.

    It is relevant to investigate the ritual table in advance to avoid repeating any task, this allows us to have more knowledge and thus be able to select a megalodon to proceed to hunt him, thanks to the materials that Belle usually gives us plus the address of the island in specific can make this task not very complex and the creature appears while we are immersed in the adventure.

    When we manage to reach the location that Belle has indicated, it is vital to summon the megalodon, this can be done by invoking the summoning flare and this will indicate the nearby location of the creature, only, we will have to approach where it is and fight against it.

    Once the megalodon has been defeated we will get a mountain of loot, but first we must focus on collecting the megalodon soul and for this we must have acquired the Effigy, we will see that the soul is usually in the water and to guide us we will have to visualize the ball of green light, this is where we will use the Effigy in order to absorb the soul and collect it, this process is usually done until we get the four souls.

     Now that you know how to collect megalodon souls you can perform this quest offered by Sea of Thieves, give it a try.

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