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2022-05-17 09:24:14

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Today we bring a Windows 11 guide where we will explain how to fix the camera error.

What is the camera bug in Windows 11?

  This is quite an annoying bug that we come across and every time we try to open the camera window app it usually shows a padlock so it becomes necessary to know How to fix camera error especially considering that this problem usually affects a good number of users and to give you more details about it, we are here.

How to fix camera error in Windows 11?

  There are a few reasons why it may be generating this error and this involves:

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Lack of permissions: sometimes not having enough permissions causes errors to be shown to us, so knowing how to fix the camera error involves taking a look at this option and proceeding to change the camera settings.

 Possible generic corruption: this is another reason why the error is shown in Windows 11, this could be temporary and it is expected to be eliminated when the next update arrives.

 Drivers that may be corrupted or outdated: We keep talking about How to fix the camera error and this is another reason why this error usually shows up in Windows 11, outdated drivers are guarantors of errors continuously and therefore we must be vigilant .

 Disadvantages with the antivirus: sometimes the antivirus shows the devices as possible malicious files in Windows 11, sometimes they tend to slow down the system, some antiviruses tend to be a bit more complex than others.

 It is necessary to know how to repair the camera error and in case of not being able to open the camera we are allowed to click on the palliation icon, then we must open it through a keyboard shortcut, generally this usually occurs in the "F" that are above.

 In the event that the previous solution about How to fix the camera error is not favorable, we can locate the answer within the Windows configuration and this implies clicking on the problem solvers, we only have to take care of clicking on Run to start it and proceed to apply some solution that is indicated to us.

 Opting to modify the privacy settings in the camera is another option that is favorable to know How to fix the camera error, this is because when the permissions are not usually verified it is possible that this application can stop, it is possible that Windows 11 is forced to close, to make this change we must go to the Windows configuration and we will go to the privacy and security tab of the camera, so that it is necessary to verify that access is enabled or not and if all permissions are allowed or may be required and take care of enabling the camera to start working.

 Opting to reinstall the webcam is another of the actions to be carried out to solve this error in Windows 11, for which we must go to the device manager and then select a view with the option Show hidden devices, then, we will see an option called Image devices or other devices that when you open it in another part of the camera we just have to right click on the camera and proceed to press and install the camera device from where it was uninstalled and did not work, then we must reinstall this module and that's it.

 Choose to disable the antivirus because on some occasions they tend to show the camera as possible threats, this causes many processes to run in the background and this causes the computer to simply crash.

 We can wrap up this guide on How to fix camera error, so you can apply some of these fixes on Windows 11, give it a try.

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