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With our guide you will learn more about How to Fix Blue Screen Error 0x000000c5 in Windows.

What to know about blue screen error 0x000000c5 in Windows?

  It is a problem that causes the machine to shut down, here an error is detailed through a message at the moment when the shutdown is forced, seeing an error in the kernel, considering the input and output systems, which are required to start the system, the Kernel is important for the system, when seeing this error it is opportune to want to know how to repair the blue screen error 0x000000c5 in Windows and to help us we can follow some indications that are going to be presented below, let's see.

How to fix blue screen error 0x000000c5 in Windows?

  There is a set of options that we need to follow regarding How to Fix 0x000000c5 Blue Screen Error in Windows and these are as follows:

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  • Check the CPU temperature: overheating can be an important cause of the problem, so as for How to fix the blue screen error 0x000000c5 on Windows, it is worth noting that the normal temperature can be between 30 and 40 degrees, while the ideal for the video editor and play is around 70 to 80 degrees, at some points it will exceed this limit, this is due to overclocking or having cooling problems and even the thermal paste has to do with this.
  • Uninstall third-party antivirus: the protection of an antivirus is necessary, only in some cases it can happen, this happens by preventing our computers from starting some files and therefore problems like this occur, so as for How to fix the blue screen error 0x000000c5 on Windows in this case we have to turn it off to see if we can solve it.
  • Run a clean boot: this may be the best answer as to How to fix 0x000000c5 blue screen error on Windows, considering we are dealing with a third party issue, what we will do is type in the run box which is accessed by pressing Windows R MSConfig, and we give it enter, we will go to the services option, to choose the box that will hide Microsoft services by pressing on disable everything, we will apply and accept, with this a window is presented where it is indicated if we restart now or later, the latter we choose, you have to go back to MSconfig to enter start and locate the task manager, we will look for the start-up impact field to deactivate this option, we restart so that the boot occurs cleanly.
  • Disable overclocking: this may be the main cause of the situation, because it makes some component work beyond normal, among them are the CPU, GPU and RAM, this raises their respective temperatures, so an important solution is to reset the values defaults to see what happens from now on with the error.

 In conclusion, knowing how to fix 0x000000c5 blue screen error on Windows is interesting because it leads us to the proper functioning of our system.

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