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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Unlock Weapons Skins

2020-10-27 09:24:11

With our Watch Dogs Legion guide you will learn more about How to Unlock Weapon Skins.

What to know about Watch Dogs Legion?

In the different fights that we will have, we will not kill any NPC according to DedSec and its propaganda, due to the idea of APC there is no NPC in this game, which allows all players to be playing, only that instantly a character dies this will be out of the game without having the possibility of returning, having the loss of everything he owns, the point is that some mechanics are necessary to follow, but we must be aware of how to unlock weapon skins and it is possible have the details about it in the following content.

How to unlock weapon skins in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is necessary that our way forward is the DedSec headquarters located in the city of Westminster, here we get to recruit those operatives that are available, where our purpose is to change weapons by visiting the 3D printer next to the workbench , In this way it is possible to print those weapons that we have unlocked, to solve How to unlock weapon masks we have that one way is the recruitment of an operative, where we have for example a soldier who brings an assault rifle, this weapon can be printed and used in the mission, although there are missions that give us unique weapons as rewards depending on the operations that we get to recruit, when we do this recruitment of a soldier with said weapon it will remain linked to this operation, it is necessary that if we are going to use the weapon let's go to the team and make the choice of the operative, but it is also possible to recruit an operative who has a sim weapon Il ar, if we have 2 operatives recruited with the same weapon, we can use it freely with any of these in Watch Dogs Legion, weapons can sometimes be the reason for recruitment.

In the case of weapon skins we have to go to the 3D printer, then from the weapons menu it is possible to apply the masks to our favorite weapon, depending on how strange they are, it is necessary to buy it instantly to be printed with Cryptocurrency, considering the fact that the 3D printer is the creation and customization of weapons, certainly in the DedSec headquarters it is hidden in a bar, where we can drink and access some mini-games, the latter can help us to win some Cryptocurrencies for free.

In this way we end our Watch Dogs Legion guide, now you know how to unlock weapon skins, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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