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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on the Best MCW loadout for Warzone Season 4 with precise details.

The base weapon meta has changed significantly in Warzone Season 4 with the introduction of buffs and debuffs, but MCW remains a popular choice. The amazing thing is that the MCW can be used as a close-range super weapon and a long-range ultimate weapon, and we have both configurations for you, let's see.

The Best MCW loadout for Warzone Season 4

  • Gun tip: ZEHMN35 compensating flame arrester.
  • Barrel: The MCW Cyclone barrel measures 16.5 inches long.
  • Optics: AS Without glass
  • Grenade Launcher: Bruen's heavy secondary grip
  • Magazine: empty for 60 rounds.

To create the ultimate MCW Warzone kit, we'll start with the ZEHMN35 Offset Flash Suppressor, which increases AR recoil control. So my top choice in optics is JAK Glassless, but you can replace it with whatever optical accessory you feel most comfortable with. When developing the long-range MCW device, we wanted to focus on improving accuracy and range. The MCW Cyclone's 16.5-inch barrel and heavy Bruen grip provide extremely valuable benefits in terms of range and recoil control.

In general, the 60-round drum is the best choice for players who play in lists of three or four players. If you usually play alone or in pairs, we recommend using the 40-round magazine.

The best accessory to equip your short range MCW

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  • Gun tip: ZEHMN35 compensating flame arrester.
  • Barrel: Second heavy giant barrel.
  • Grenade launcher: DR-6 manual limiter
  • Magazine: 40 round magazine
  • Adapter: JAK Raven kit

The best short-range MCW loadout in Warzone is the Devastating variant on Rebirth Island. The assault rifle received an upgrade in the Season 4 update, making it a better option. With the JAK Raven kit, the weapon hits like a truck, improving mobility, handling, rate of fire and damage at close range. The second line of the Mammoth Heavy Cannon will increase bullet speed, range, aiming speed, and stability. The ZEHMN35 compensated flash suppressor will help control the MCW, which is important even when used as a short-range weapon. A 40-round magazine is ideal, as it provides additional ammunition and keeps the gun light and portable. The Handstop DR-6 completes the package with improvements to ADS and rate of fire. If you don't want to lose speed and range, we recommend using the RB Rapidstrike Grip instead of the second line Mammoth Heavy Cannon. This will make your weapon even faster, allowing you to take out enemies quickly and easily.

The best benefits and loadouts for Warzone MCW Loadout

  • Advantage 1: double the time
  • Advantage 2: manual dexterity
  • Advantage 3: Strength
  • Benefit 4: High alert level
  • Lethal device: Semtex
  • Tactical equipment: smoke grenades.

First, Double Time will allow you to move faster through Warzone maps, then Sleight of Hand will speed up your cooldown. If you are using short range MCW charge on Rebirth Island, you should choose Highlander instead of Double Time. Meanwhile, hardening will help you recover faster because you will only need two panels instead of three. A high level of alertness rounds out the trait set, allowing you to attack any enemies that may be hiding. In terms of equipment, Semtex is a reliable grenade that can be used to damage enemies inside buildings and behind cover, while tactical smoke grenades will help you escape quickly.

Finally, now that you have covered what you need to have the Best MCW equipment, do it and get the most out of this interesting configuration for this incredible and fast-paced game.

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