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2024-06-03 11:48:44

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We invite you to discover the Best DG-58 LSW loadout for Warzone Season 4 with precise details.

Warzone's DG-58 LSW has dominated the Season 4 meta thanks to its versatility at both long and short range. Below are the best ways to download DG-58 LSW. After dominating last season, the DG-58 LSW also remains one of the best weapons in Warzone Season 4. This powerful light machine gun has great performance to cover long distances on any Warzone map, let's see what comes next.

Best DG-58 LSW loadout for Warzone Season 4

  • Optics: JAK glassless optics.
  • Stock: TP-9 extended armor plate.
  • Barrel: Long barrel Woodi.
  • Bullets: 5.8x42 thick bullets.
  • Barrel head: Casus brake

To start with our top pick for the Warzone DG-58 LSW, we went with the Wudi Long Barrel which greatly improves recoil and impact control, bullet velocity, and target rotation. I then decided to use my favorite scope, the JAK eyepieceless scope, which makes hitting the target much easier, combined with the TP-9 extension stock and the Casus barrel, which provides recoil and recoil control of the weapon. Finally, we chose the 5.8x42 tall bullet to further increase the speed and range of the bullet, making it easier to destroy long targets. The powerful JAK Nightshade rifle conversion was the perfect complement to this machine gun, but the massive nerf during the Season 3 reboot pushed it to the side.

Best Warzone DG-58 LSW Gear and Perks

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  • Advantage 1: double the time
  • Advantage 2: manual dexterity
  • Advantage 3: Strength
  • Benefit 4: High alert level
  • Deadly: Semtex
  • Strategy: stimulation

You'll need the right perks to get the best DG-58 LSW loadout in Warzone, and we recommend starting with Double Time to increase the duration of your Tactical Sprint. Then, since reloading the LMG also took a long time, I chose Sleight of Hand to help me get back into the fight faster. You'll need maximum armor to survive, so increasing toughness will reduce the number of plates needed from three to two. Finally, High Alert will alert you every time an enemy targets you. In terms of equipment, Semtex Grenades are perfect for quickly taking out enemies, while Stims provide additional health and mobility to help you get out of sticky situations.

This is all there is to consider regarding the best DG-58 LSW equipment, we just have to apply the instructions to have the perfect configuration to get the most out of this interesting weapon.

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