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2024-06-07 11:05:07

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We invite you to discover which is the Best Kastov 545 Loadout in Warzone Season 4 in this excellent and explanatory guide.

The Call of Duty aftermarket has received a new piece: Warzone and it is changing the direction of the long-term goal. The JAK Requiem is available on certain weapons, such as the Kastov 545, and completely revamps your loadout in Warzone. My complete Kastov 545 loadout using JAK Requiem is shown below.

The Best Kastov 545 Loadout in Warzone Season 4

The JAK Requiem is found on the Kastov 545 and 762. It is an aftermarket part that completely eliminates vertical recoil when firing. It's rare to have a recoilless weapon, so it takes some getting used to. There is even negative vertical recoil, meaning the gun pulls down instead of up when firing. Luckily, my loadout for the Kastov 545 gets the job done, giving you a laser beam of a deadly weapon that's also pretty fast.

  • Muzzle: Sound Suppressor
  • Optics: Heart Eagleseye 2.5x
  • Under the stock: Bruen heavy support grip
  • Magazine: 60 Rounds Magazine
  • Conversion kit includes: JAK's Requiem
  • The equipment of the Kastov 762 in the battle zone.

The star of the equipment is the JAK Requiem, which takes care of most of the recoil control issues. However, I have also equipped the Bruen Heavy Rest Grip to even out the recoil control, allowing you to shoot the Kastov 545 evenly. The Sonic Suppressor, which reduces bullet damage and increases speed, is another component of the kit. and the Corio Eagleseye 2.5x and 60 Round Mag lenses. The explanation for the last two accessories is obvious, since they are common for any long-range weapon in Warzone.

The Kastov 545 superior class in Warzone

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After setting up your accessories in loadout, you can equip the rest of your class for the Kastov 545 by looking at the following:

main weapon

  • I surpassed 46 or other short range firearm.

The benefits

  • Benefit one: twice
  • Benefit number two: sleight of hand
  • Benefit 3: calm
  • Benefit four: decided

The team

  • dangerous: throwing a blade
  • Attack: smoke grenade

We can conclude that knowing the Best Kastov 545 equipment is easier than thought with this guide, you just have to follow it to achieve it and get the most out of this interesting game.

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