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We have made a guide to tell you How to discover intel to uncover the mole in Warzone.

Like other challenges like She Never Let Me Down, you will have to look inside the bunkers. However, the information seems to be in different places, so you will have to ignore the Urzykstan map. The good news is that all the information can be found in the vaults. This will narrow the focus. But once you enter these bunkers, you won't know what to look for. To make your life easier and learn the truth, use a guide that will point you in the right direction.

How to discover intel to uncover the mole in Warzone?

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First, before you can even think about entering any bunkers, you need to open them. This can be done by completing a contract. It seems that each contract will give you a keycard to enter the vault.

Location #1: West Levin Resort should be the first bunker you want to visit, and it has to be Bunker 10. To find out the exact location, head to the top left corner of the map. Once in this bunker, follow the path that leads to two large doors. After opening the door, you will see a table with two computers. Approach the door and interact with the book located between the computers. Read and extract information from books.
Location #2: Go to Eagles Military Base and head west. You will be across the first position. When entering this base, look for the WANTED: ENEMY OF THE STATE sign on the wall. There should be peace with this single sign. Interact with it, and you will receive the second piece of information.
Location #3: For the final piece of information, go to the end of the map, to Shaheen Estate. Instead of a bunker, you will find yourself in a large house. Once inside, go up the stairs and head to the door on the left. It will be right next to the stairs. Look for the painting on the table, it will be at the back of the room you are in. It should say: "They died at the hands of a traitor." Once collected, you must complete a mission to unlock this mode.

Once you have collected the final information before completing this guide, the mission may not be considered complete. If this happens, a bug may have occurred during testing and you will need to wait until it is fixed. This may not be a big deal, as some players reported that the problem was resolved by itself, but they simply waited.

We have finished this guide on discovering information to discover the mole in Warzone, here are the steps to follow, give it a try.

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