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2024-06-07 11:37:20

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We invite you to discover which is the Best AMR9 Loadout in Warzone Season 4 in this explanatory guide with precise details.

In Call of Duty, there are numerous weapons that can be used: Warzone Season 4 includes the new addition, Superi 46. However, the AMR9 and its superior loadout may be the best option if you are looking for a solid sniper support that works with MORS or Kar98k.

The Best AMR9 Loadout in Warzone Season 4

Although your opinion of the AMR9 may be affected by its performance at the start of Warzone, it is a very different SMG in Season 4. With the right attachments, it has solid mobility and very low recoil. His damage range is too limited, so he's not at the top of the meta. It shines near mid-range as a support submachine gun for snipers.

  • The muzzle: ZEHMN35, compensated flash hider
  • Optics: JAK optics without glass
  • Bull: The butt of the Wolfhound pistol
  • Under the stock: Bruen heavy support grip
  • Magazine: Ronda Magazine 50

With these accessories, the AMR9 has impressive recoil control that is extremely simple to operate. If you stop aiming, you just have to go down a little and that's it. Therefore, you can play aggressively and take on any close-range gunfights thanks to its mobility. If you feel you need more damage, I recommend swapping out one of the attachments for the 9mm High Grain Rounds ammo. However, keep in mind that this will slightly reduce recoil control.

The best AMR9 in Warzone

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When you have everything you need, you can move on to equipping the rest of your class for the AMR9, including equipment, perks, and main weapon:

main weapon

  • MORS, SVA 545 or other long-range weapon

The benefits

  • Benefit one: twice
  • Benefit number two: sleight of hand
  • Benefit 3: calm
  • Benefit four: decided

The team

  • dangerous: throwing a blade
  • Attack: smoke grenade

We can conclude that knowing the Best AMR9 equipment allows us to have better performance and progress while we are advancing through this incredible game.

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