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Find out Where to Find all the bunkers located in Warzone Urzikstan with our detailed guide today.

Warzone Urzikstan Bunkers are a valuable addition to the map, offering players the chance to obtain high-tier loot and a competitive advantage. For those looking to dominate the Battle Royale, exploring these underground hideouts is essential.

Where to Find all the bunkers located in Warzone Urzikstan?

  • Levin Complex Outskirts: Located in the northeast of the map, this bunker is close to the Lumber Yard landing zone.
  • Porpov Power Plant: Located in the central part of the map, this power plant houses a bunker within.
  • Orlov Military Base: This sprawling military base in the southwest of the map also features a hidden bunker.
  • Port District: At the southern edge of the map, players can find a bunker within the port area.
  • Old Town: A bunker is located among the buildings of the historic Old Town, in the center of the map.
  • Between Old Town and Low Town: This area, located east of Old Town, is home to another bunker.
  • North of Old Town by the River: A bunker is hidden near the riverbank, north of Old Town.
  • Hadiqa Farms: A bunker is located in the quiet Hadiqa Farms, northeast of the map.
  • Bottom Left Corner of Map: A bunker is hidden in the bottom left corner of the map, near the Gora Summit landing zone.
  • Zaravan Suburbs: Between the Zaravan Suburbs, east of the map, another bunker can be found.
  • Between Low Town, Zaravan Suburbs, and Shahin Manor: This area, east of Zaravan Suburbs, is home to a bunker.
  • South of Shahin Manor: A bunker is hidden south of Shahin Manor, in the far southeast corner of the map.

How to open bunkers in Warzone Urzikstan?

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Accessing these bunkers requires a Bunker Access Card. These cards can be obtained by completing any contract (e.g. Scavenger, Intel) during a match. Once you have the card, head to the bunker location and interact with the door to open it.

Are bunkers worth looting in Warzone Urzikstan?

Definitely yes. Bunkers contain high-tier loot, including:

  • Legendary weapons
  • Upgraded armor
  • Cash
  • Other valuable items

While bunkers can be a focus of attraction for players, the reward for opening them is often high.


  • Be careful when approaching bunkers: Due to their valuable loot, bunkers are often very crowded areas. Be prepared for potential combat.
  • Combat strategies: If you encounter enemies in a bunker, consider flanking them or using grenades to take them out.
  • Entry and Exit: Keep in mind that once opened, a bunker will remain open to all players. Plan your entry and exit carefully.
  • UAV for Recon: If you're unsure whether a bunker is worth looting, use your UAV to gain intel on the presence of enemies inside.

With this information complete, you're ready to embark on the hunt for Warzone Urzikstan bunkers and reap the rewards that await you.

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