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VRChat has for us the possibility of approaching a virtual reality and that is why we are going to talk to you about How to obtain personalized avatars

What is the purpose of customizing avatars in VRChat?

The mere possibility of getting into a virtual reality game is great, in this sense it is necessary to know how to obtain personalized avatars considering that there are different characters with which it can be played, this allows us to create and use them as avatars which is fabulous and when there is the possibility of personalizing them this becomes more interesting.

How to get custom avatars in VRChat?

It is necessary to consider some elements before entering the matter and for this it is important:

Choose to download Unity and VR Chat SDK
: this is a necessary action to know how to get custom avatars and thus play with something closer to us, for which we must consider:

  • We start by downloading the updated version of Unity which is 2018.4.20F1.
  • Once this version is downloaded it is necessary to install it and this is a fairly simple process.
  • Then we must focus on downloading SDK 2.0 and 3.0, for this it is necessary to go to the VRChat website, create a new account in case of playing through Steam.
  • It is advisable to go straight for version 3.0 and with it customize the avatars more comfortably.

 Log in to VRChat in Unity: Once we have managed to download Unity and install it, it is necessary:

  • Open the program in order to start the task, this allows us to see the upper part of the screen.
  • Next we will see the VRChat SDK, we must click on it in order to open the drop-down menu.
  • We proceed to click on the first option that is shown to us, and it is "Configuration".
  • We continue in our task to know how to obtain personalized avatars, and we are allowed to access a small window in order to log in to our VRChat account that we created when we downloaded the SDK.

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Choose the avatar to install: we continue working, and it is time to animate the avatar, it is feasible to look for something that can be moderately done, for this it is feasible to choose to enter, here we get a considerable amount of created avatars that we can perfectly well use and when selecting the one that we consider favorable, we only have to download it.

Proceed to import the avatar: once we download the avatar it is necessary to import it into Unity, it is possible to have two ways, but what really matters here is to see the file in the scene and select the project.

Take care of establishing a VRChat Descriptor: we continue talking about How to obtain custom avatars and in this sense it is necessary to consider:

  • A descriptor and this simply imply going to the "Investigator" section on our screen.
  • Proceed to click on the "Add Component" button at the bottom.
  • Below is a menu with some options that can be used.
  • We proceed to look for the "Avatar" in the search bar in such a way that we are shown an option indicating "VRC AvatarDescriptor", we only choose the option and there will be the place for our avatar.

Proceed to publish the avatar: this is the last action we manage to perform and this is to know how to obtain personalized avatars, in this sense it is necessary:

Go to the VRChat SDK menu:

  • Select from the drop-down menu "Show control panel".
  • Below we are shown a window with some tabs where it is possible to choose the "Builder" tab, there it is possible to build and publish for "Windows and Mac".
  • It is necessary to note that exporting avatars can only be done after using the Unity software for some time.
  • There is the possibility of familiarizing ourselves with Unity before exporting the completed projects.
  • To open the project in Unity immediately it is necessary to click with the right mouse button on the “Project” section on our screen.
  • Then click on “Import Assets” and proceed to select “Custom Assets”.
  • Next we look for the downloaded package, and we open it, this opens in a small window, it will only be necessary to click on "Import" and that's it.

In this sense, knowing how to obtain personalized avatars is shown to us as an interesting and fun task to execute in VRChat, try it.

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