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We continue working on Monster Hunter Rise which makes it interesting to talk to you about How to find Speartuna.

What is Speartuna in Monster Hunter Rise?

  This is nothing more than a fish that we must capture, it is usually large, it is also necessary to use a fishing rod to catch it, for some players it has been a complicated task, however, with this explanation offered here it is done more simple, it also allows us to have the possibility of entertaining ourselves a little, this is part of the many activities that we can execute in this game.
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How to find Speartuna in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is an activity that leads us to mobilize to the version of "High rank" of the Frost Islands and the Lava Cavern, these are places in area 3 where there is a possibility of locating this huge fish, to reach this search It is necessary to achieve the 4-star missions in the HUB, now, once we have managed to reach the place where the fish is usually located, it is necessary to choose to press the A button in order to interact and start this minigame, in which We engage in a quest similar to a swordfish.

In this sense, as soon as we manage to visualize the fish it is necessary to press button A to launch the lure as soon as the fish bites we remove it by pressing button A, as it is not a complex job in spite of everything if we know exactly where to look.

 This is all you need to know about How to find Speartuna, it will only be enough to make us in the right places and do a fishing job in Monster Hunter Rise.

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