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Outriders: How to start the Forgotten Chapel quest

2021-04-08 09:49:19

Outriders has managed to occupy us quickly and this makes it convenient to talk to you about How to start the Forgotten Chapel quest.

How to start the Forgotten Chapel quest in Outriders?

Our first task not only for this mission, but for all the tasks in which we are involved in this game, it is usually necessary to survive the number of enemies that are present here, for this it is necessary to take care of taking the loot that we get and above all, choose to increase the level of the world, in this sense, starting this mission involves preparing as soon as we get to the "Canyon of the Great Obelisk", at this point it is vital to have access to the map and in this way go a little the area to get the "Monolith", this implies going a bit in history and getting a total of 3 key stones, these are usually necessary to interact, in this sense it is worth indicating that these are usually located in this way:
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    • Stone 1: This is on the left side of the entrance to the camp at the entrance to the canyon.
    • Stone 2: we follow the path to the right before entering the region of the looted crypts in the area of ​​the canyon entrance.
    • Stone 3: It is necessary to return to the part of the monolith and go to the bottom, it is necessary to interact with this stone and with this we manage to unlock the search for the Forgotten Chapel.


     How to get the Forgotten Chapel in Outriders?


     Now that we know how to start the mission of the Forgotten Chapel, it is necessary to mobilize ourselves to the “Cliff Path”, locate the entrance that is usually there before returning to the “Ruinous Altar”, it is possible to observe a total of 3 symbols that shine at the entrance , in addition to a node that is located on the right side of the door, it is vital to choose to interact with it because it will be what can unlock said entrance, we proceed to enter in order to take a chest that has a legendary weapon such as reward.

     This is all you need to know about How to start the Forgotten Chapel quest, it is only necessary to carry out a small search in Outriders and in this way continue to progress in the game.

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