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We invite you to discover How to complete forgotten chapel, a new task in Outriders.

What to know about forgotten chapel in Outriders?

It is a secret search in the game, which requires a lot of progress, certainly until the last third of the story to the end, it turns out to be the forgotten chapel, which is located in the canyon of the great obelisk, this area is It is located in the middle of the desert, this is after going through the town and the fort as well, now to have an idea of How to complete the forgotten chapel it is necessary to consider the details of this guide, so let's see what it brings us about it next.
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    How to complete forgotten chapel in Outriders?

    Upon reaching this canyon we will be presented with some tasks, where 3 small pillars are presented with which we must interact, after doing this we will have access to a door on the map to obtain a chest with something legendary, the pillars can be noticed by marks green and the red cross turns out to be the door that will give us access to the forgotten chapel, it is important to take into account what happens in each of these pillars and this is the following.


    •  First: once we have left the corridor that places us in the camp, we will make a left turn before the obvious sand.
    • Second: when we manage to defeat the monsters that appear in the first arena, we will go to the right to return, which will put us in an area of ​​ancient worship and in the entire center of the room we will find the pillar.
    • Third: at the end of the map is the pillar behind a huge obelisk, only we will go up some stairs behind the room to get it.
    • The door: our return to the cliff is required, here we go up some stairs and to the right we will see a door that contains 3 bright hieroglyphs, when interacting with a pillar near here we can enter the forgotten chapel, where it is possible to access the chest that allows us to obtain the legendary item and the mission will be completed.

     Thus we finalize our guide on How to complete forgotten chapel, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as busy as Outriders has turned out.

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