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Angel Marquez
2021-04-08 17:01:34

More about: Oddworld Soulstorm

Today we bring you a Oddworld Soulstorm guide where we will talk about How to make the antidote.

What to know about the antidote in Oddworld Soulstorm?

We are presented with a group of mudokens that are going through a strange disease, this occurs at the Funiculur level, while we are investigating we come to find a possible solution for their salvation, which consists of an antidote, which requires a series of ingredients that we have to get in some dangerous and dark caves, now to have an idea of how to make the antidote we will be able to see it in the content of this guide, just follow it below.
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How to make the antidote in Oddworld Soulstorm?

 In the caves of the Funiculur level are the ingredients that allow us to solve How to make the antidote in Oddworld Soulstorm, through the first patient we will discover that he has felt better with the help of Paramolds, while a little later we will see two others , which let us know that someone is about to be cured and that it is possible to find the ingredients in the caves, then you have to go to the extreme right through the door, here we come to the first of the caves, where you have to use vengalas In order to go through this, considering the darkness we will run out of wick, so we must consider singing and moving the orb forward to illuminate ourselves, once the song is finished it will disappear, but it is possible to have an idea of ​​the direction to follow in Oddworld Soulstorm.

 In this quest to solve How to make the antidote we have to find the first of the ingredients at the beginning of this cave, it is the grass of the moon, something that is presented in great abundance in the level, once we have reached the second control point, you have to go through a hole that allows access to a secret area, while in the rolling section we will be able to find the second of the ingredients, after the generator is turned on in this first cave, you have to go outside to activate the lever that corresponds to the second lever, where in front of it you have to speak with another of the patients, who will give us indications about some new monsters that have the name Fleeches, highlighting that it tells us on the cure of many diseases with the help of excrement.

 When we go down to the cave we have that at the beginning without a flare it is possible to notice two Fleeches, it is ideal that by abalo we manage to sneak in to avoid them, then continue at Oddworld Soulstorm until we find Phatoline to feed the generator, in the same area we have a line from Haggut Moss, it is our third ingredient that allows us to help in how to make the antidote, after this we look for the exit, we will notice that the generator that started will give the energy to the elevator, going down we will arrive at a secret place, now going up We continue progressing in the level, where you will find a lever to access a door, which in turn will activate a trap of saw blades that we have to avoid, it is important that to get to the other side we jump.

Once we pass the trap we are going to meet another of the sick mudoken very close to another cave, when we speak with him we discover that he was bitten by Meetlebats and that he has felt improvement, so when entering this cave we have to focus on another generator of Phatoline, if possible we turn it on and we will notice the saw blades moving, what we will do is go for the fourth ingredient in Oddworld Soulstorm when going over the set of blades, it is the leech guano, we continue through the cave avoiding these leeches until we can activate the switch to continue, which will be going through the door to have the Meetlebat poison that allows us to completely solve How to make the antidote, which leads us to enter the manufacturing menu with the triangle and choose the antidote, It should be noted that it will work for all patients just by making one.

We will automatically only give the antidote to the mudoken that is outside the cavern, making it repair the elevator, then the next thing is that when we see a sick mudoken we press square to cure it, then they will follow us until we take them to the Bird portal and be free, to save 15 mudokens we can get a trophy.

 Finally, now that we know how to make the antidote we can move on to Oddworld Soulstorm.

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