Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-13 08:38:42

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Guide to learn How to calm Achilles in Total War Saga Troy

  In case you are still locating yourself on the map of this game, Achilles is given the name of one of the factions in which you can play. At the beginning you may feel threatened with a possible rebellion but with good control in the region you will see how it will be increasingly easy to keep them docile and in this guide we will show you how.
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How to calm Achilles in Total War Saga Troy?

In Total War they can check the state of Achilles, specifically in impulsivity one where you will see that you can give him Gifts of Achilles to calm him down.

The game doesn't really tell you how to do that, when Achilles reaches 100 percent anyway, he will be given the option to pay for the gifts or let him go into that mode. The more you pay with gifts, the more expensive it will be next time.

In this situation he is not allowed to get ahead and all you can do is wait until a state of mind occurs to him. The only bad thing is that if he reaches the cupiste in that mood, you can't give him gifts to stop that mood.

There are also multiple benefits to letting him get into certain moods. Outraged it will let you go on a murder spree for quite some time, but it will cost you resources.

The other advantage is that it resets all other moods to zero, which means that if you are thinking of entering a mood that you do not want, focus on another and the one that you do not want has reached 0.

If you're really in a bind, you can send Achilles away or go into a duel and your mood won't go up or down.

 Now that you know how to calm Achilles in Total War Saga Troy, you can be aware of all the signs and mood of this area so susceptible to changes. Luck!