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2020-06-23 10:09:09

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In the The Last Of Us Part 2 universe we have many tasks, one is How to get Court House Safe code and the details will be covered here.

What to know about the safes in The Last Of Us Part 2?

  The arrival of this game has caused a great impact, it was so expected that the reviews are very positive of it, we continue to battle in the post apocalyptic city of Seattle where there are many means to survive such as the resources that we can find in safes, there is a large number of them scattered throughout the game, which will be consequent as we progress, this to be opened requires a code, which to enter if we want to get hold of what they have inside, this time we will talk specifically about How to get Court House Safe code and for this the following content of this guide will be presented.
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How to get Court House Safe code in The Last Of Us Part 2?

The safe is in the center of Seattle, specifically in the court, at any time we will arrive at this place through the history of the game, it is necessary that we clear the area of ​​the infected that we are going to meet here in the hall, arriving then to an area where there is a metal detector and an office to the left, with our melee attack we can break the window of the office, we enter to explore here and we must look for a skeleton with a machete in the chest , close to this is the safe and the code written on a blackboard, being something very specific for all the codes to be found, the combination of this present box is 86-07-22 and when we open it we will get weapons and supplements .

 In this way we finish our The Last Of Us Part 2 guide, now you know How to get Court House Safe code, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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