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Minecraft Nether: How to craft a Respawn Anchor

2020-06-25 09:55:07

Knowing how to create a spawn anchor in Minecraft Nether is that this can get a lot out of the game, so we'll tell you how to do it.

What is a Minecraft Nether comeback anchor?

This is a new block updated to the game as part of the new content of this update 1.16. With this new block you will be able to reappear in a specific location in the Nether instead of the Overworld, similar to the Overworld bed only a little more complex.

How to craft a respawn anchor in Minecraft Nether?

There is one very important item you will need to get if you want to know how to create a spawn anchor and that is Crying Obsidian. Specifically to create the reappearance width you need the following ingredients:

  • x6 Obsidian crying.
  • x3 Radiance Stone.

The first way to get Crying Obsidian is by exchanging gold bars with Piglins, which gives you a 9.46 percent chance of winning player 1 - 3 Cid Obsidian in exchange.

You can also find Crying Obsidian in small quantities in chests in the new Bastion Remnants structures in Nether and also the outside world in the randomly generated ruined Nether portal.

Once the anchor is built we will have to place it where you want to reappear by right-clicking to set its reappearance point. You can load it with Glowstone blocks by pressing the activation button connected to the Glowstone.

The anchor has the ability to hold four charges at once, and once every time you die and in case you don't charge you will reappear in Overworld at its initial starting point, so make sure to do it frequently.

Thus we have reached the end of our article on how to craft a respawn anchor in Minecraft Nether, we hope that it is the same that we have been of the greatest possible use and that you have obtained as much information as possible in order to make the most of this new block. Remember that in our previous guides, you can find much more content about the game that will be useful and you will be able to take advantage of it.

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