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There are many valuable resources in The Last of Us Part 2 and today we are going to talk to you about where to find all the coins we are going.

What are the coins in The Last of Us Part 2?

These are simply collectibles that need to be obtained throughout this game, because although they may be a bit difficult to get, they are necessary elements that we can find as we explore, the important thing is to have them in our possession, so stick with us to find out where to find all the coins that are available to us throughout The Last of Us Part 2.
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Where to find all the coins in The Last of Us Part 2?


 It is evident that it will be necessary to travel a considerable amount and carry out explorations, since there are a total of 32 coins that are scattered and we must obtain them.


  •  This is the currency of the tracking lesson corresponding to El Parque, and this is located under a rapa specifically on the handle in one of the two green containers that we get while walking through history, because our point of reference is a squirrel that throw away a trash can located in Virginia.
  • The Stadium Coin, Our idea is to go as Abby to the stadium and observe a quantity of wood on the ground, next to it is the coin specifically in Alaska.
  • Another currency of The Stadium, our job is to check a bank since it is located here, because it has a little cleaning liquid, detergent and a bottle of water nearby, since there will be some people who are washing some clothes and this It is located in Maine.
  • Our path to know where to find all the coins leads us to mobilize enough in El Estadio, another coin that makes us have to check the ground on the right side because it is there and this occurs after checking the tunnel where the weapons are located. we do it after playing fetch the dog in The Last of Us Part 2
  • We continue in the Stadium and this collectible is inside a locker so we will only cross the shooting range and look for it.
  • This coin makes us go on foot and enter a warehouse in Kentucky, we must look for some cabinets since they are a reference, because we only concentrate on the table that is there with our collectible.
  • Coins are interesting and knowing where to find all the coins is vital this specifically makes us go to Massachusetts, she is in a pay booth next to the cash register under the garden center.
  • This coin is on a table on a magazine, it is necessary to move to Ohio, but while we are heading to the yacht it will be necessary to use the ladder to climb the opposite wall and get to where the object is.
  • This coin is found in the office of a desk, our object is to get there by breaking a window near the stairs when we complete the sequence of the ship and we are on the roof of the warehouse in Indiana.
  • Our journey to know where to find all the coins simply takes us to the forward base in California, to get a coin next to the members of the WLF, to get there it is necessary to go to the WLF party group that will be discussing, we observed a platform and we will access to move up through the stairs and go for our goal.
  • This collectible is in a green box near a woman sitting in New Mexico, to access it is necessary to register at the Outpost Base.
  • Knowing where to find all the coins has made us mobilize and we have arrived in South Carolina. This coin awaits us in the dining room, but to take it it is necessary to inspect Nora's body before entering.
  • We continue moving forward at The Last of Us Part 2 and we are going for the coin, it will be necessary to check the trunks of the last room that has a fan in the building that is next to Tang Fabrics in North Dakota.
  • This coin is quite close to a corpse on the road next to some rubble and for this it will be necessary to clear the clickers before going for the coin that is on the Alabama Coast.
  • Our journey to know where to find all the coins is simply taking a long time and this takes us to the West of Virginia because it will be necessary to get a luggage with a gray teddy bear, there is the coin, only this makes us move on the right side of the ladder to turn right and view luggage.
  • The coin next to the ship's mast, this leads us to go to the sun deck and eliminate the Shambler, and then we force the door to the control room in Utah to open.
  • This coin is inside a dolphin fountain, we will jump into it to take it at the entrance of the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium at The Last of Us Part 2
  • This coin is at the cash register and we took it upon entering Franklin's barber shop in Nevada.
  • The coin in the window at the end of the balcony is one of the collectibles needed in this quest on where to find all the coins, as it leads us through the tight squeeze of the blue doors in Colorado.
  • The coin is located next to a filter and we got it at the beginning of the chapter Descent in The Last of Us Part 2, it will be necessary to jump into the pool in Illinois.
  • Knowing where to find all the coins simply makes us move a lot and this coin particularly makes us jump into a small hole in front of a table, this occurs as soon as we eliminate the Shambler and continue advancing where another enemy tries to grab us cam

  • We continue on the Descent by The Last of Us Part 2 and we need to go out to destroy the vending machine to get the coin in front, after having fought with more clickers and a Shambler in Wisconsin.
  • Our goal to know where to find all the coins takes us to Rhode Island, there we need to get a coin with our name in a cash register under the counter, this occurs when we get to the patio, take off the mask and explore a little.
  • We continued through the same chapter at The Last of Us Part 2, locating this coin inside the WLF building after checking out a patch of grass in Missouri.
  • This coin is in the cash register of the hospital dining room, allowing us to increasingly meet our goal of knowing where to find all the coins.
  • We move through the Zero Zone chapter in The Last of Us Part 2 and we will have to choose to break a window to get our coin after we overthrew the Chief of the King Rat Clicker and proceed to check the control room in Hawaii.
  • We continue in our goal to know where to find all the coins and we reached the chapter of the Navy, this coin here is at the top of the podium and it will be necessary to use the stairs to get to Kansas.
  • We continue through the Marina at The Last of Us Part 2 and here we get another coin in the trash, as it is necessary to check the train tracks before entering the Lenora Street station in Louisiana.
  • We got this coin in an open trailer on Chapter Island as soon as we hit the freeway in Idaho.
  • This coin is on the back door of the destroyed car, it will need to be located after the WLF attack in North Carolina.
  • We continue on the Island and we get this coin in a bunk inside a building in The Last of Us Part 2 in front of the sawmill and we do it after our first meeting in the area being in Montana.
  •  This is the last of our journey to know where to find all the coins and allows us to get it in a shopping cart that is covered with a blue sheet so we will have to crawl under the semi-trailer from the Harste Brewery in Arkansas.

 This is all you have to do and knowing where to find all the coins is a long but very interesting process that we do in The Last of Us Part 2, run it and walk around a bit.

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