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Angel Marquez
2020-06-26 18:32:59

Find out how to control time of day in this excellent and explanatory Hunting Simulator 2 guide.

What to know about the time of day in Hunting Simulator 2?

  Animals are in nature, which we must follow very carefully until we can shoot them, we will have an outstanding number of weapons, ammunition, optics and equipment that will help us to function in the environment, we must bear in mind that many of the animals have different patterns, among which the location and the time of day are shown, it is that some are more active in the morning and others at some time of the different day, this looking for food on the map, it is necessary then know how to control time of day and for this we have the content of this guide, let's follow it to see the indications.

How to control the time of day in Hunting Simulator 2?


Once we are in the cabin while hunting, we are going to enter the bedroom and go to the bed, here we will make an interaction with it and we may set a specific time to leave the house, it will be the same in the morning, afternoon or night, everything is at our discretion, only it is necessary to highlight the ignorance of the behavior of the animals, what we must do is find the licenses for the moose, the wild cat and the red fox, for this we must explore the meadows of Pawnees, at the different times that appear during the day, being sure of having the correct weapons and ammunition for hunting animals that allow us the licenses we have, we must focus on the tracks that we find and the animals that we find. Let's get to visualize, paying the right attention is the base when hunting.

 In this way we finished this Hunting Simulator 2 guide, now we know how to control time of day and so we can have better progress.

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