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Discover Where to Find Spinal Chain Blade in The Last Faith and unlock its hidden power.

In this guide, we will help you locate the elusive Spinal Chain Blade in The Last Faith. This special weapon inflicts Dark Damage on enemies, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal. Follow these steps with a friendly tone of voice to find the Spinal Chain Blade and enhance your gameplay experience.

Where to Find the Spinal Chain Blade in The Last Faith

Step 1: Enter the Liturgical Pass

To begin your quest for the Spinal Chain Blade, you need to head to the first layer of the Liturgical Pass. This dungeon-like area is filled with dangerous foes and treacherous traps, so proceed with caution. As you make your way through the pass, keep an eye out for a bridge and proceed down the stairs from there. It's important to focus on exploring the depths and not worry about your status. The Spinal Chain Blade awaits you, so press on with determination.

Step 2: Sneak Behind Enemies

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As you continue downwards in the Liturgical Pass, you may encounter an enemy dashing towards you. Instead of engaging in a fight and risking your life, it's best to take a more stealthy approach. Look for a broken floor nearby and hide until the enemy passes by. This clever tactic will allow you to avoid unnecessary battles and conserve your strength for more significant challenges ahead.

Step 3: Ascend and Jump

After successfully evading the enemy, it's time to ascend and reach higher ground. Proceed up the dead end on your right side and keep an eye out for a spot where you can jump up. The Last Faith offers a unique jumping mechanic that allows you to traverse the environment in a dynamic way. Mastering this technique is essential for progressing further in the game. So, take a leap of faith and jump towards your next objective.

Step 4: Locate the Chest

Once you've reached the top of the ascent, take a moment to catch your breath. Look around and you'll notice a ladder nearby. Climb up that ladder to reach even higher levels of the Liturgical Pass. As you ascend, head towards your right side and keep your eyes peeled for a chest waiting for you. The Spinal Chain Blade is hidden within, patiently waiting for its rightful owner.

Step 5: Claim your Prize - The Spinal Chain Blade

With the chest in sight, carefully approach it and open it with anticipation. As you lift the lid, the Spinal Chain Blade is revealed. Congratulations! You've obtained the coveted weapon that possesses Dark Damage capabilities. This unique attribute will prove incredibly useful against enemies who are particularly vulnerable to dark forces. With the Spinal Chain Blade in your possession, you are well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Congratulations! You've successfully located the Spinal Chain Blade in The Last Faith. This powerful weapon with Dark Damage capabilities will undoubtedly aid you throughout your adventures in the game. Remember to use it wisely and strategically to maximize its effectiveness against enemies. As you continue your journey in The Last Faith, make sure to explore every nook and cranny to uncover hidden treasures and enhance your gameplay experience. Happy gaming!

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