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The Division 2: How to get Riker Keys

2020-03-04 09:22:36

Today we bring a The Division 2 guide where we will explain in detail how to obtain Riker's keys.

  In The Division 2 we will have the possibility of accessing many special items contained in boxes, in order to open it we must know how to obtain the keys of Riker, in the expansion of the warlords of the game, we will have this faction for access to the boxes , the details that come next will be in charge of giving us the precise solution to find these keys.
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    What should we do to get Roker's keys in The Division 2?


     It is important to do the exploration of the sewers of New York, throughout the city we will find different access to these, the yellow arrow will be the sign of one of these, pointing down, when we see these arrows, we must jump and start with the investigation, our goal being a silver key box, which will be attached to a wall and it may be what we are looking for, let's see more accurate details.


     How to get Riker's keys in The Division 2?


     The boxes will be found throughout the game hidden, we must look for the entire sewer system of the city, entering through many doors and checking the roads, next to most of these keys are found, in addition, another way is possible to get them, with facing the itinerant bosses, only that it is more complicated and rare that we find it this way, for that reason the exploration of the sewers is the best option to follow throughout New York, in the expansion there are many changes, since soon we can access the stations and thus obtain new equipment and uses for the recalibration table in this way.

     In conclusion, knowing how to obtain Riker's keys is excellent because we can move forward in this interesting and moving game like The Division 2.

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    March 15, 2019

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