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Sit back and relax, because this article has everything you need to know about how to get Season 3 in División 2.

What is División 2 season 3 about?

Now that season 2 of the game is over, Call Season 3 - Hidden Agenda this new treaty of rewards for players to complete contains new leagues, so as you might imagine, there are many users already, who are wondering how to get the season 3 and the new exotics in the game.

How to get season 3 in División 2? - MPX submachine gun: Backfire.

  • When using this weapon, 1 percent critical hit damage, up to 200 stacks, lasting 10 years.
  • When reloading, bleed 10 yourself, adding 0.5 percent armor damage per stack.
  • To obtain this weapon you will have to level up in the third season, on the subject of Hidden Agenda rewards

How to get season 3 in División 2? - Backpack of resources.

You can get this backpack in the rewards circuit of Season 3 of Hidden Agenda to take advantage of its trophy system.
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    The enemies you kill drop a trophy when you die, taking them will obtain advantages in the short and long term such as:
    •   5 percent skill efficiency for each yellow core.
    •   5 percent weapon damage for each red core.
    •   10 percent extra armor for each blue core.
    • Each trophy will earn you an additional 1 percent weapon damage, 1 percent skill efficiency, and 0.1 percent armor regeneration for 300s.

    How to get season 3 in División 2? - Exotic chest.

    The Ridgeway Pride Exotic chest is earned after completing 100 floors of the new game mode called the Summit. It will grant you the following advantages:

    Shooting at enemies within a 10m radius applies bleed to the target.

    Repairs 1 to 25 percent of your armor per second for each enemy that bleeds within 10 meters.

    • 1 enemy 1 percent.
    • 2 enemies 4 percent.
    • 3 enemies 9 percent.
    • 4 enemies 16 percent.
    • 5 enemies 25 percent.

    So ends our article on how to get season 3 in División 2., We hope that it could have been as useful as possible for you and that you have managed to get the most out of it now that you know how to get all the exotics of the season.

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