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2020-09-24 08:55:48

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The action in Division 2 does not stop so we are going to explain how to play the Summit.

What is the summit in Division 2?

It is a building of large proportions, which has 100 floors where the enemies will be increasingly difficult as we go up, we will be constantly tested by the random way in which the mode is generated, this we have in the current season 3 of the game, now if we want to know how to play the Summit, it is necessary that we see the following content of this guide.

How to play Summit in Division 2?

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The first thing to be able to have access to the summit is that we are at level 40 reached, and complete the expansion of the warlords of new york, taking into account that depending on how our exploration is, the time of duration is 10 hours adding Also the side missions, when we achieve both requirements we will be able to access this incredible building, taking into account 2 possibilities for said access, one is with the map in both Washington DC or New York, where we will see that in the upper right part it will be present a new selection, knowing this what we will do is highlight the image of the place, now if we get to go through a loading screen from the disputed streets, it is necessary that we locate the pilot of the helicopter that is at the base of the white house In this way, it will launch a loading screen that will send us to the summit in a similar situation to how they are done in the missions, explorations and raids outside the present base.

Once we are in the lobby of the building, it is possible to prepare for the different challenges that we must face, here in the beginning area there is a vendor, a craft station, pairing, recalibration and a warehouse, in the Specific case of the seller, this will appear with a large arsenal of weapons and it is possible to sell our inventory with equipment that is no longer useful, there are many limitations in terms of purchases and this is due to the significant amount of loot that we can find along the 100 floors, we must also consider some important aspects, for every 10 levels is when we will see our progress saved and on each 3rd floor are the checkpoints, to earn a special reward we must go through all the floors .

Finally, now that we know how to play the Summit we can move on in Division 2.

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