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BioShock Infinite: Where to find All Infusion Locations

2020-03-04 12:08:02

Knowing where to find all infusion locations is only part of the necessary details in BioShock Infinite.

What do infusion locations imply in BioShock Infinite?

Knowing where to find all the infusion locations starts from executing some scenario changes, because here we present some important contrasts, because here we get some RPGs that usually explore important scenarios related to certain changes, which allow us to reach the locations.

Infusions usually give about 15 percent increments for each statue we have chosen, because the statues can be improved at least 10 times, the good thing is that they are scattered around Columbia allowing us to unlock a trophy upon completion, in addition to having a amount of 24 infusions, we can get them on our own or use Elizabeth because these infusions can help us in health, shield or salts.

Where to find all infusion locations in BioShock Infinitey?

Battleship Bay: This infusion can be obtained at the counter of the main box office and is given at the Gondola station of the Arcade.

Roofs of the Comstock Center: at Raven headquarters when we are in a room at the Lansdowne Residence we get an infusion inside a chest that opens with the key so we know where to find all the infusion locations

Soldiers Field

We need to get a lock from Elizabeth to be able to access open the box office of the soldier's welcome center where an infusion is.

We must get a deployment from which we cannot return because there is an infusion on the flight deck table in the first lady's aircraft.

The encryption of Vox is necessary to translate it, as this book is located in the Patriot's Pavilion because it is in a storage of Vox Populi this achieved in a bathroom of the patriot's pavilion.

Monument Island:

We get ourselves with a scribbled slate everywhere in the Tower of Monuments where there is an infusion.

There is an infusion at a desk in the guard room at the entrance line of the Island Monument.


Knowing where to find all the infusion locations allows us to move around the first floor cell at the Fort Franklin pier.

The tears caused to the civilian product of an attack, because in the food area where the food distribution of Shantytown is, because these are in BioShock Infinite.

We must enter an office that requires 5 locks located upstairs at the Workers Induction Center.

On the ground floor we can get a Free Sample about an infusion of BioShock Infinite inside the Club del Buen Tiempo.

In the watch shop you get another one, because there is a safe that requires 3 tired and a Vox Populi code book, in a safe as part of our task called where to find all infusion locations

In the Casa del Toro there is another infusion inside a chest on the second floor for which it is necessary to have a key.

There is a nearby store so that 5 locks are needed contains another infusion.

At the table in the way of the first lady we can get an infusion while moving through the factory docks.

Hall of Heroes

We must get a toolbox while we move in the search about where to find all the infusion locations in the patio gift shop.

At the back table of the main hall.

Emporia center.

The Vox Cipher code book is part of the necessary elements here as we will have to mobilize to the executive office of the Bacchus of the Prophet.

On the bedroom table that is located on the second floor exactly in the Lutece laboratories of BioShock Infinite

In the Market District there is another infusion but we need 3 picks because the infusion is in Wilson's window


The cash register can be opened by pressing a switch after listening to a Voxphone in the Salted Oyster.

In the Port Prosperity Station it is necessary to use 3 blocking aisles where there is a closed door.

Comstock house.

Here it is necessary to get the closed office of the operating room after having used 3 locks being the last infusion that we need to get in BioShock Infinite.

Now you finally know where to find all the infusion locations that are present by BioShock Infinite.

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