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Angel Marquez
2021-01-07 15:19:33

More about: División 2

We invite you to discover How to Confuse Enemies in this excellent and explanatory División 2 guide.

What to know about División 2?

On different occasions we are presented with challenges in which we must defeat the enemies with certain parameters, one of these will be presented in detail, specifically we will see How to confuse the enemies, for this purpose we will see the following that the content brings us.

How to confuse enemies in División 2?

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It is possible to do it easily if we use the Banshee pulse from Gunner Spec, the enemies that are in the area of ​​effect will be confused, which allows us to shoot them quickly, thus accumulating the deaths that are necessary, if we have not Unlocked the Gunner Spec it is not possible to use Banshee's pulse, now it is ideal to take into account the possibility that a friend of ours can find someone who has it, and he can use it in such a way to confuse the enemies, there is another option to achieve this, which consists of specifically locating the Rusher enemies, because they have a bag that when fired causes confusion, considering the mission of control of the territory of the hyenas, we have to use the Rusher bag is appropriate when the second group of enemies appears and when firing this bag they will all be confused in a single blow, which leads us to use the most powerful weapons we have to kill them.

It is clear that knowing how to confuse enemies allows us to have more fun in División 2.

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