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2020-03-05 14:11:03

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Today we will have for you a guide of División 2, in which we have the purpose of explaining to you how to obtain the exotic Bighorn rifle.

 One of the exotic new weapons that we are going to find in Division 2 is the Bighorn, arrived next to the recent expansion, we talk about an assault rifle that has become objects of teasing in the Twiter network before leaving, we have only seen something related to it through an image, but it has a very large spout, which brings us to know how to get the Bighorn exotic rifle, for this we will have the following content from now on.


What should we know about exotic weapons in División 2?


 The expansion brings with it many exotic weapons, among these is the Bighorn our present objective, in addition, there are King Bala and Lady Death, certainly the new maximum level 40 has been reached by many of us, but the weapons are very rare and neither To talk about the challenges of the missions, this implies that there is not much movement at this moment, but if our goal is to find a Bighorn, it is ideal to know where we can find it, for that we still have more to learn.

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Bighorn capacity

  Once we have this weapon, switch to semi-automatic fire mode, we will be able to cause damage for every 450 percent shot, the ideal weapon for a big game hunter.


  How to get the Bighorn exotic rifle in División 2?


  In the Legendary / Strength missions we have that the Bighorn makes its presence, with a drop rate of 5 percent, this is known through a datamine of Ahmad # 0001 of the Discordia Community and red post of u / Hurinzor, which we It helps to succeed in this quest for one of the exotic weapons of the present expansion.

  We can conclude that knowing how to get the Bighorn exotic rifle in División 2 becomes easier than expected, we just have to try and share our experience.

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