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2020-09-24 08:57:52

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Today we bring you a División 2 guide where we will explain how to use appearance mods.

What to know about the appearance in División 2?

You have the possibility of customizing the avatars in terms of their appearance, it is a feature that is very similar to the transmogrification seen in different RPGs and MMOs, which leads us to skip the restrictions that exist by default of the Equipped objects, now it is a fact to highlight but it is necessary that we know how to use the appearance mods and the details we will have in the following content.

How to use appearance mods in División 2?

Regarding the appearance we have that the mods are going to get the 6 slots to have new shapes, previously it had to be under the design of the gears to be able to build our character, this also had the gears that are related to clothing dyes and events, now through mods each of the pieces such as the mask, chest, cover, bag, gloves and knee pads will be part of the options without the talents being discarded and attributes that have been obtained, considering the original statistics of the equipment, from our inventory we will be able to access the appearance mods, what we will do is highlight the equipment that we want and the slot will show us the possible options for modulation of equipment and the tint, when we make the choice of the new slot we will be able to see the appearance collection, it is a library in which we will find all the styles of the game achieved in e l progress, when we have obtained a team it will join the others, it is necessary to mark them as favorites so that we can apply the characters with ease.
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It should be noted the multiple variations that some teams have, taking into account the existence of 3 lists for the armor, versions 1 to 3, only that there are differences due to the camouflage on the chest, however you have to see some restrictions, the Which exotic equipment are in the new prohibited system, an example of this may be that the mask cannot be modified so that it has similarities with another, nor to those of collection, it is also presented that the modeling slot is restricted To the equipment categories, implying that weapons are not included, our P416 cannot present designs of a CTAR-21 for example.

Knowing how to use the appearance mods is interesting since it allows us to develop and have more fun in División 2.

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