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Today, we bring you a guide on How to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me.

What to know about The Devil in Me?

It is a game that is based on our choices that can affect the death of our characters, we will go through different situations of life or death, we have to be careful while we progress in the story in order to get out unscathed, only that For this, it is necessary to know how to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me and to help us we can count on the indications that this guide will present below.

How to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me?

We will find ourselves throughout the game with 6 quick time events, which will add new ones, taking into account that there are 5 existing ones that will lead us to achieve it, you have to use the mouse or controller to aim and then have contact with the mouse. Objective, when passing through bridges and narrow things with our characters we have to maintain balance, in case of failure our characters can end up dead, we will constantly press the same button over and over again with the time of the heartbeat, With this we will avoid being detected while we walk to a hiding area and we will hide with the corresponding button.
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    The next thing is to press the button that will be displayed on the screen, it is necessary to respond correctly, we will use the inhaler if there is fainting, when Erín decides to attack her he will die, with the Silver Ash institute when Jaime orders us we are going to hide in the closet, death Erin happens if we escape, now when Charlie is stuck in the incinerator we have to choose to lift the grate or Charlie will end up dead for going through the door, when we have the option of killing Kate or Erin we will choose Kate, because if not Erin ends up dead, we will now give Jamie the screwdriver, if we choose between keeping it or being with Jamie we must give it to him so that the bond with him is strengthened.

    For the crushed decision we have to have given the screwdriver to Jamie we enter the dialogue option and a QTE event when Kate and Jamie are in a room with a glass wall, in the dialogue the option we will choose is the defiant, and we will not execute anything in relation to the incident, now for the roof when Jamie is arrested we are going to help him, if we leave he will die, the next thing is that when blocking the barn we will choose between running and climbing, our choice here is entered with Erin, Jamie and Kate, going through execute we can only escalate that Erin ends badly, Erin's challenge will be presented with Charlie about choosing a side, those who do not end up dead.

    We are in a boat fight for the end, we have to save everyone starting with Charlie and Erin we will complete the standard button by pressing QTE, Jamie leaves the ship, if he stays while fighting the relationship will be affected, in the case of Mark you have to achieve a successful QTE sequence, with this everyone will survive in the game.

    Finally, now that we know how to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me we can move on in such an interesting game.

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