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Discover the secrets on How To Get Diamond in Stardew Valley and enhance your gameplay with our comprehensive guide.

In mining games like Stardew Valley, diamonds hold great value and significance. These precious gems are not only a symbol of wealth but also play a crucial role in upgrading weapons, crafting items, completing quests, and building relationships with villagers. If you're looking to obtain diamonds in Stardew Valley, this friendly guide will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

How to Get Diamond in Stardew Valley

Section 1: Finding Diamonds

1. Fishing Treasure Chests:

One way to find diamonds in Stardew Valley is through fishing treasure chests. These chests can occasionally contain diamonds as rewards. To increase your chances of getting diamonds through fishing, consider the following tips:

  • Level up your fishing skill to increase the quality of the rewards you receive.
  •  Choose locations with higher chances of treasure chests, such as the ocean or certain ponds.
  •  Use bait or tackle to improve your fishing abilities.
  •  Time your casts to ensure you're fishing during specific weather conditions that increase the likelihood of finding treasure chests.

Diamond Nodes and Gem Nodes

Diamond nodes and gem nodes are another potential source of diamonds in Stardew Valley. These nodes can be found while mining in the deeper levels of the mine. To locate and mine these nodes effectively, follow these strategies:

  • Progress through the mine levels by breaking rocks and finding ladders.
  • Use a pickaxe with a higher mining level to increase your chances of finding diamond nodes.
  • Explore the mine on lucky days, as they increase the likelihood of finding higher-quality nodes
  •  Upgrade your pickaxe at Clint's Blacksmith shop to mine more efficiently.



Defeating certain monsters in Stardew Valley can also yield diamonds as drops. These monsters include Serpents, Mummies, and Shadow Brutes. To increase your chances of obtaining diamonds through combat, consider the following techniques:

  • Improve your combat skills by consistently engaging in battles.
  •  Equip powerful weapons and accessories to increase your damage output.
  •  Utilize food items and buffs to enhance your combat abilities.
  •  Focus on defeating monsters that have a higher chance of dropping diamonds.


Fishponds in Stardew Valley can provide an excellent opportunity to obtain diamonds. By setting up and maintaining fishponds, players can increase their chances of finding these valuable gems. Follow these steps to maximize your chances:

  • Build fishponds on your farm using the appropriate materials and resources.
  • Choose fish species that have a chance of producing diamonds as output.
  • Feed your fish consistently to increase the chances of obtaining diamonds.
  • Harvest fish from your ponds regularly to ensure a steady supply of potential diamond drops.

Statue of Endless Fortune

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The Statue of Endless Fortune is a unique feature in Stardew Valley that drops seven Diamonds annually on specific character birthdays. By paying tribute to this statue, you can increase your diamond collection. Here is a list of characters whose birthdays trigger diamond drops from the statue:

  • Abigail: Fall 13th
  •  Alex: Summer 13th
  •  Elliott: Fall 5th
  •  Emily: Spring 27th
  •  Haley: Spring 14th
  •  Harvey: Winter 14th
  •  Leah: Winter 23rd
  •  Maru: Summer 10th
  •  Penny: Fall 2nd
  •  Sam: Summer 17th
  •  Sebastian: Winter 10th
  •  Shane: Spring 20th

Section 2: Utilizing Diamonds

1. Selling Diamonds:

One of the simplest ways to benefit from diamonds in Stardew Valley is by selling them for profit. Consider the following options for selling your diamonds:

  • Visit Pierre's General Store in Pelican Town, which often offers competitive prices for diamonds.
  • Take your diamonds to the Desert Trader, who occasionally pays a higher price for them.
  •  Keep an eye out for traveling merchants like the Traveling Cart and Krobus, as they may offer good deals for your diamonds.

2. Upgrading Melee Weapons:

Diamonds can be used to upgrade melee weapons, increasing their power and effectiveness in combat. To access weapon upgrades using diamonds, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Adventurer's Guild in the northeast area of Pelican Town.
  • Speak to Marlon, the guild's leader, and inquire about weapon upgrades.
  • Select the weapon you wish to upgrade and provide the necessary diamonds and gold.
  • Collect your upgraded weapon after a few days.

Crafting Items with Diamonds

Diamonds have various crafting applications in Stardew Valley. Here are some items you can craft using diamonds, along with their recipes or instructions:

  •  Fairy Dust: Diamond (1)
  • Crafted at the Crystalarium using a Diamond as input.
  •  Geode Crusher: Diamond (2), Gold Bar (4), Stone (10)
  •  Crafted at the Crafts Room after completing the Geologist's Bundle.
  •  Ring of Yoba: Diamond (5), Iridium Bar (5), Solar Essence (5), Void Essence (5)
  •  Crafted at the Crafts Room after completing all of the Bundles.

 Giving Diamonds to Villagers

Villagers in Stardew Valley appreciate receiving diamonds as gifts. These rare and valuable items can help build and strengthen relationships with them. Consider giving diamonds to the following villagers, as they particularly like receiving them:

  • Abigail
  •  Haley
  •  Leah
  • Maru
  • Penny


Completing Quests

Diamonds can also be used to fulfill certain "Help Wanted" quests in Stardew Valley. Keep an eye out for quests that require diamonds and complete them to earn rewards. To identify and complete these quests, use the following tips:

  • Regularly check the bulletin board outside Pierre's General Store for new quests.
  • Talk to the villagers frequently, as they may have quests for you.
  • Prioritize quests that specifically ask for diamonds to make the most of your resources.

Obtaining diamonds in Stardew Valley can be a rewarding and exciting endeavor. Whether you find them through fishing, mining, combat, fishponds, or the Statue of Endless Fortune, diamonds offer a range of possibilities for players. By selling, crafting, upgrading weapons, or using them as gifts, you can make the most of these precious gems. Good luck on your diamond-finding adventures, and may your Stardew Valley journey be filled with fortune and success!

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