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Discover the location of the Where to find Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome, fellow travelers! In this guide, we will explore the location and collection method for Spring of the First Dewdrop materials in Genshin Impact. These valuable resources can be found in the Morte Region, near Fort Charybdis Ruins. So let's dive right in!

Where to find Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact


The Spring of the First Dewdrop materials are exclusively found underwater in Genshin Impact. To start your search, head to the Morte Region, which is conveniently located near Fort Charybdis Ruins. This region is known for its beautiful and tranquil underwater landscapes, making it the perfect spot to find these precious blue treasures.

The Morte Region is a vast underwater area, teeming with marine life and hidden treasures. As you explore the depths, keep an eye out for the telltale signs of the Spring of the First Dewdrop. These materials can be found in various nooks and crannies, so make sure to thoroughly explore every corner.

Unlocking Areas:

Before you can access certain areas where Spring of the First Dewdrops are hidden, it is recommended to complete the In the Wake of Narcissus quest chain. This quest chain will not only enhance your overall gameplay experience but also grant you access to previously restricted regions.

The In the Wake of Narcissus quest chain is a thrilling adventure that takes you through various underwater challenges and puzzles. It introduces you to the rich lore and history of the Morte Region, making your exploration even more meaningful. By completing this quest chain, you will not only unlock new areas but also gain valuable insights into the world of Genshin Impact.

Resource Ascension:

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If you find yourself lacking sufficient resources to Ascend your beloved characters, fret not! You can always enter another player's World through Co-op Mode and gather resources from there. However, remember to ask for permission before collecting their resources as a gesture of respect and courtesy.

Co-op Mode in Genshin Impact allows you to join forces with other players and embark on adventures together. By entering another player's World, you can explore their version of the Morte Region and collect Spring of the First Dewdrops from there. This not only helps you gather more resources but also adds a social element to your gameplay experience.

When entering another player's World, it is important to communicate and ask for permission before collecting their resources. It is always best to be respectful and considerate of others' progress in the game. Remember, Genshin Impact is a community-driven game, and building positive relationships with fellow players can enhance your overall enjoyment of the game.

Collection Method:

Fortunately, collecting Spring of the First Dewdrops doesn't require any special techniques or tools. Once underwater, activate Elemental Sight to easily identify them amidst other underwater clutter. These valuable materials will appear as distinct blue blobs when viewed through Elemental Sight.

Elemental Sight is a handy feature in Genshin Impact that allows you to see hidden objects and resources. By activating Elemental Sight while underwater, you can easily spot the Spring of the First Dewdrops amidst the vibrant underwater environment. These materials will appear as distinct blue blobs, making them stand out from the surrounding clutter.

To activate Elemental Sight, simply press and hold the designated button in the game. This will activate a special vision mode that highlights important objects and resources in the environment. Use this feature to your advantage and gather as many Spring of the First Dewdrops as you can!

Now that you know where to find Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact and how to collect them with ease, embark on your adventure with confidence! Explore the Morte Region near Fort Charybdis Ruins, complete quests for unlocking new areas, and use Elemental Sight to spot those valuable blue blobs underwater. Happy hunting! Remember, in the world of Genshin Impact, patience and exploration go hand in hand. So dive into the depths, discover hidden treasures, and enjoy every moment of your journey! The Spring of the First Dewdrop materials are just waiting to be found, so don't hesitate to jump in and start your search. Happy adventuring, fellow travelers!

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