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We invite you to discover How to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley with our detailed guide today.

The most recent update of this game offers various tasks, and fishing is one of them, the sturgeon is one of the most elusive and rewarding fish. If you're looking for sturgeon in Pelican Town's rivers, beaches and ponds, you're out of luck. Sturgeon can only be found in one place. Whether you need sturgeon to build a community center or to extract the valuable resources it produces, you'll find everything you need to know in this sturgeon guide.

How to catch sturgeon in Stardew Valley?

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Sturgeon are a valuable catch for those who want to store a bag of lake fish in a community center, as well as for those who want to store and sell caviar. Caviar is one of the best raw materials to produce, weighing up to 500g per piece and requiring little to no effort on your part other than catching the first fish and releasing it into the farm's fishpond. But this isn't possible unless you get your hands on a sturgeon, so head to Mountain Lake during the day in winter or summer to catch one of these elusive fish. Sturgeon are most commonly found deep in the lake, away from the shore, so the best place to set up is one of the small islands in the middle of the lake. Once there, you will have to wait until you catch sturgeon.

Sturgeon are not easy to catch, especially compared to other docile fish found in Mountain Lake. If you have trouble turning, you can always use a practice rod or bobber. The training required reduces the quality of the fish, but is available at the beginning of the game. Floats also make fishing easier, but you will need an Iridium rod or upgraded Iridium rod to set them up.

  The Iridium Fishing Rod is only available if your Fishing Skill is level six or higher, while the Advanced Iridium Fishing Rod is not available until you master the Cave of Mastery Fishing Skill, a late-game mechanic. Regardless of which option you choose, fishing will become easier, and you will finally be able to catch the desired sturgeon. We recommend donating your first sturgeon to the community center, but be sure to return to Mountain Lake to catch another one. After all, sturgeon are one of the tastiest fish in the pond!

This is all you need to know about catching sturgeons, you just have to be alert as they are elusive fish, follow our steps and equip yourself with your fishing rod.

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