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2024-05-22 09:36:29

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Today we are back with a guide on How to unlock Superi 46 in MW3 and Warzone with precise details.

What to know about the Superi 46 in MW3 and Warzone?

Activision has revealed that the new Superi 46 will be coming to MW3 and Warzone in the Season 4 update, with the new season approaching and introducing new meta-changing weapons. In addition to the return of the Kar98k, the new Superi 46 submachine gun also has incredible performance in close-range shooting, now to know how to unlock it, let's keep this guide and its following content in mind, let's see.

How to unlock Superi 46 in MW3 and Warzone?

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You can unlock Superi 46 by completing MW3 Sector 6 and Warzone Season 4 Battle Pass. To complete Area 6, you will need to use the tokens obtained by winning and performing well in multiplayer or Battle Royale matches. As always, Area 6 will only require five tokens. The first four award cosmetic items or tokens as rewards, while the fifth and final person completes the Zone and unlocks Superi 46.

Activision Unlock the entire Area 6 to unlock new SMGs. The Superi 46 has a skeletal design and excels at close range with a powerful combination of accuracy, recoil control and firepower. The developers note that this SMG has significant power in mid-range situations, which could make it meta at launch.

Thus we reach the end of this explanatory guide, with which it is possible to unlock an interesting weapon for our arsenal with the arrival of the new season that will make us enjoy it to the fullest.

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