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Few users know how to get caviar in Stardew Valley, so here we will tell you how to do it.

What is caviar in Stardew Valley?

It is an item that you can obtain in the game and that will allow you to increase your energy and health. Although you can also sell it in exchange for some money.

How to get caviar in Stardew Valley?

In order to start getting caviar, you will need to build a carpentry fishpond on the farm and then place it somewhere on your land.

Then you will have to put a fish in your pond, to which it will begin to put roe in the pond. There are two points to keep in mind here, the first is that if you keep the roe in a canning jar, it will become stale, which brings us to the second point. There are two types of roe, the pure and the aged.

You should also keep in mind that of the many fish that can be placed inside the fishpond, you must use a specific one to create caviar. And it is none other than sturgeon.

To fish sturgeon you will have to do it between the summer and winter months in the lake that is near the base of the mountain.
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It will take a bit of time to start harvesting then bring the sturgeon to the pond. but it will become a faster process as you upgrade and add fish to the pond. So you will have to be attentive to the needs of the sturgeon, which we list below:

  • 1 Capacity: 1 Diamond.
  • 3 Capacity: 1 gelatin, 2 maple syrup or 1 pickle.
  • 5 Capacity: 3 Omni Geodes.
  • 7 Capacity: 1 Nautilus Shell.

  This is all you have to know about how to get caviar in Stardew Valley, we hope that now that you know it, you will begin to obtain monetary benefits from the sale of caviar, although you can also consume it yourself.

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