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Angel Marquez
2021-01-18 04:35:39

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Genshin Impact has brought new tasks, and it is ideal to explain to you How to beat pure electro hypostasis

What to know about pure hypostasis in Genshin Impact?

The first thing we must know is that this is a boss and therefore it is not an easy task, on the other hand, knowing how to beat pure electro hypostasis does not require being tied to an adventure level or world level like other bosses normally do. they demand, but if it is worth having a very high score level in Genshin Impact, which makes us have to fight to increase it.

In this task, to know how to beat pure electro hypostasis, it is necessary to understand that it is possible to have a total of 40 level characters, very little are modifiers which makes it a difficult matter, and this is because the possibilities of beating this boss is somewhat complicated because his level is 80, however here we leave a small table that can serve as a guide:

  • 1 times multiplier for level 20 which represents Easy.
  • 1.5 times multiplier for level 40 which represents Normal.
  • 2.5 times multiplier for level 60 which represents Hard.
  • 4.5 times multiplier for level 80 which represents Expert.

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How to choose multipliers to beat pure hypostasis in Genshin Impact?


  •  It is necessary to be careful so that they do not interfere with our squad.
  • The modifiers we choose to establish the difficulty of the task and the number of points we will get.
  • It is good to be clear that knowing how to beat pure electro hypostasis requires some changes and the general difficulty is one of the biggest we have and from which it is possible to make more points.
  • We can get a chance to experiment with different modifiers while racing at Genshin Impact, we can slowly build up some number of points.
  • When we manage to receive physical damage, it is ideal to equip ourselves with a modifier that can reduce cryogenic damage because with this we get points.
  • There is the possibility of building a team around us, it is possible to make it work together, only that to achieve it in Genshin Impact it is important that they are polished characters.
  • Knowing how to beat pure electro hypostasis places us before the possibility of entering a challenge that can be small or large, especially according to the ability of the characters and the damage they can do.


 How to beat pure electro hypostasis in Genshin Impact?

This is a boss, but that does not mean that it cannot be vulnerable, for this it is important to equip ourselves with spells off the field and proceed to change our main DPS in order to accumulate damage in significant amounts, this usually occurs because this boss of Genshin Impact presents some stages of vulnerability, such as that it is not surrounded by the glass and this is where we can take advantage of to hit it, with this we achieve that the health bar is exhausted, but here we are faced with the task of fighting with two groups of Crystals, as it is necessary to kill them, we must use elemental damage to finish them, because, if we do not do so, we will be faced with the possibility that pure hypostasis can be strengthened little by little in each crystal, so dealing with the crystals and finishing them is a necessary task Because they can become electrocrystals, they can harm us if we don't take this task seriously.

This struggle to know how to beat pure electro hypostasis makes us have to be attentive to what some attack patterns may be and with which it is necessary to be careful in Genshin Impact, these are the following:


  •  The drill: It is necessary to dodge it, and it can be done easily, as it serves the boss as a type of base.
  • The Applause: This is another element that must be dodged, as this Genshin Impact boss manages to form two structures in the form of hands that have only one objective and that is to crush us.
  • Lasers: We must be clear that knowing how to defeat pure electro hypostasis is a difficult task and in this specific case we must get out of the domain blocks because they will collapse inwards, and if they reach us they can harm us, they are part of another Technique that this boss will use to eliminate us due to forming a circle between the blocks and firing lasers.
  • The pillars: It is important to stay out of them, but sometimes we use them to evade the attacks of this boss in Genshin Impact, this makes us have to avoid some explosions because the pure hypostasis will make a ring around us and if it succeeds reaching us can hurt us a lot.
  • Rock, paper and scissors: This is a powerful attack that we can perfectly well avoid, since the boss will be in charge of making a triple attack.
  • The hell of bullets: This is another attack that this boss launched and makes us have to be as far back as possible, however knowing how to beat pure electro hypostasis makes us face different blows, especially because this specific one consists of rotating waves of electrical energy that expand like bullets.

Here we will tell you some advice that you can perfectly well apply and thus know how to beat pure electro hypostasis, and they are the following:


  •  Make use of bows, as well as catalysts, as they play an important role in attacks and can end up being the ones who make the difference between victory and possible defeat.
  • Go with a main DPS that can deal damage and then move on to making use of three supports off the field, this in the case of spam and healing abilities.
  • Eating foods that can increase our capacity to do harm is an excellent option.
  • One of the main sources of DPS is healers, and it is ideal to keep them active off the field.
  • Some important characters to be used can be Bennett or Xianglin for damage, Barbara is ideal for healing.
  • We can use the polished characters we have as long as we have strong builds.


Now that you know how to beat pure electro hypostasis, it is time to try it, follow our advice, and you will see that at the end of everything it is just one more task in Genshin Impact, from which you can get some more experience and points.

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