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We invite you to discover How to craft pale ale, a new task in Stardew Valley.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

Throughout the game we will be able to access many recipes, which require some seeds obtained from them during specific moments of the year, in order to achieve important benefits in our performance, among the options it is possible to know how to make a pale ale This can be done starting in the summer, which becomes an important factor for this recipe, now it is ideal to consider the details to be presented below.

How to craft pale ale in Stardew Valley?

Hops is the vital ingredient that will help us, taking into account that summer is necessary to have it on the farm, you also have to pay about 60 gold when buying it in the general store, it should be noted that its complete harvest takes place in 11 days , which allows you to have hops once that time passes, after autumn arrives it is not possible to access more, for this you must consider the value greater than 37 gold and at the appropriate time it costs 25 gold, it is ideal that Let's keep it until we can make this palette, then we have to put the hops in some barrels, which with agriculture it is possible to do it, this during the first winter taking into account the ingredients such as Wood x30, copper bar x1, bar iron x1 and oak resin x1.
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Depending on the amount of hops we have, it will depend on how to craft pale ale, going through the fact that having the barrels it is possible to produce several beers, the processing of this palette in Stardew Valley lasts between 1 to 2 days , which allows us in the end to be able to sell it for 300 gold per base value, for its silver at 375 gold, for its gold at 450 gold and for the iridium value at 600 gold, considering that the artisan profession can lead us to improvements in 40 percent of the price, certainly the production of this beer has its difficulties, but being in the spring it is opportune to prepare ourselves by raising our cultivation level and preparing the farm for the summer, which helps us in the hop harvest , it is necessary to maintain a balance and achieve what is necessary for a significant amount of materials that allow us to make the barrels, even reaching a second summer year, possibly necessary for better results.

Now that you know how to craft pale ale, just do it and make the most of all the possibilities that are presented in Stardew Valley.

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