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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-04 13:45:48

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Now that the PS5 has been released, many new users will want to know how to fix the repair console storage error, and today we will respond

What is the PS5 repair console storage problem?

This is an issue related to the "Console Storage Repair" error message, one of several issues new users have had to deal with. Said error message seems not to be affecting the internal SSD storage.

Unfortunately, like most PS5 errors, this one in particular is not recognized by Sony, but fortunately we already have some recommendations for you on how to fix the repair console storage error.

How to fix repair console storage error in PS5?

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  • PS5 firmware update.

The first thing we recommend you do is make sure your console is updated to the latest version available, keep in mind that the latest updates usually repair known errors or problems.

To check if there are pending updates you can go to the Settings menu> System> System software> System software update and configuration> Update system software> Update via Internet and after having updated you will have to restart your console

Once done, restart your console to check if the problem has been corrected.

  • Complete storage of repair console.

Another thing you can do when encountering the "repairing console storage" error message is to wait for the process to complete until it reaches 100 percent and submit a report ticket to the Sony PlayStation support team, so they are aware of what is happening and can work on a solution.

Keep in mind that the official solution may take a while, so explain the problem well and select the "Accept and report" option.

If you are one of those who turns off their console after encountering the error message, we recommend doing the same and having a little patience while the developers release an update.

 That's all there is to how to fix PS5 repair console storage error, we hope the developers are already working on fixing the problem and we have a direct solution asap.

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