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We welcome you to our guide, in which we are going to guide you onHow to Get a Chest of Rage in Sea of Thieves with details.

What to know about the chest of rage in Sea of Thieves?

If the treasure were easy to obtain, it would be worthless. The terrible path brings riches and pain in equal measure, at least if we are not careful. While we can sell Box of Fury for 3000-3500 coins, this is easier said than done since the box has a habit of exploding. If it's too hot, the last thing we'll hear is the deafening hiss of steam before it engulfs us and our ship in flames. How to Get a Chest of Rage in Sea of Thieves is explained here in the following content of this guide, let's see.

How to Get a Chest of Rage in Sea of Thieves?

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There are several places where we can find Chests of Wrath, but only some of them are guaranteed. Others only offer the chance to revive a chest. Let's make sure there is a Chest of Wrath in the Skeleton Fortress vault in the Molten Sands Fortress. Defeating the Lord of Ashes or completing Frenzied Crew limited-time mercenary tours also guarantees the inheritance. Here are other (less safe) ways to get a Rage Chest:

  • Defeat Megaladon or Kraken Tentacles.
  • During quests and travels, find the places marked with X.
  • It can be found on skeleton ships and island beaches. Search inside the shipwreck
  • Find your way to sailing with Barrels of Plenty.

Once we find the Chest of Wrath, we can sell it to the Gold Miner in his outpost shops or to the Servant of Flame in the Reaper's Hideout. By selling one, we will earn a few thousand coins, which is lucky considering the problems they cause.

shipping box

The next step is to transport the barrel to a place where it can be sold. The rage chest will heat up over time and eventually explode. To avoid this, we immersed it in water regularly. If we are at the beach and it is very hot, we can also dive into the ocean to cool off. We left the Chest of Wrath unattended at the wrong time in the game and we will have to go to the Red Sea. In case of emergency, we can also use Fury Box in combat by hitting it with our sword to make it heat up faster. We only pay attention to the radius of the explosion; otherwise we will sing another sea song in the hereafter.

This is all we need to know about How to Get a Chest of Rage in Sea of Thieves, you just have to follow the instructions to continue progressing in this incredible adventure.

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