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2020-09-04 14:01:35

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We are still in the world of Roblox and it is to tell you what are the dragon adventure codes 2020

What are the adventures of the dragon in Roblox?

 This is a game immersed within Roblox that allows us to dedicate ourselves to the breeding of a small dragon until it can become a whole beast, because the idea is to ensure that it can allow us to dominate other players, from which it is possible to draw potions , gifts and coins, which allows us to make a trip easier and more interesting. Once we have these codes it is possible to redeem them just by opening the menu and locating where the Twitter icon is where it says codes, copying and pasting them to opt for a reward.

What are the Dragon Adventure Codes 2020 in Roblox?

 These are the codes that are inactive and therefore are no longer viable:

  •  B0nd: to redeem for Potion of Color Mix
  • Toxic: to exchange it for 1,000 coins
  • Wasp: to be exchanged for Ten Toxic Waste
  • Wastel4nd: to exchange them for Radioactive Potion
  • toxicworld: to redeem for 1,000 coins
  • Val2020: to exchange it for 500 coins
  • DAValentines: to be exchanged for Preset Potion of Heart
  • HappyValentines: to be redeemed for 75 heart treatments.

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These are the active codes:

  •   Questmaster: to be exchanged for 2,500 coins
  • Milomisions: to be exchanged for 20 bananas
  • NewL0bby: to redeem for Potion of Color Order
  • Bunny: to exchange for 50 rabbits
  • HappyEaster: to redeem for Preset Easter Potion
  • Egghunt: to be exchanged for 100 chocolate eggs
  • 20k2020: to exchange it for 2,500 coins

Now that you know the Dragon Adventure Codes 2020, it's time to get them to find the necessary rewards in Roblox....

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