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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about Where to Find the Barber in Type Soul?

There are different ways in which you can live the exciting experiences that the game offers you and being able to customize your character is one of them, especially if we talk about a great haircut that makes a difference, and, although, you can If you are excited about this, before doing anything you will need to locate the barber in Type Soul and that is what we explain to you today, join us and discover how you can find him.

Where to Find the Barber in Type Soul?

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  • 1. Initial Location: Begin your journey at the garage, situated on the right side of Karakura Town near the prominent high-rise buildings.
  • 2. Directional Guidance: Proceed straight down the road, ensuring the two bridges remain on your left side throughout your traversal.
  • 3. Identifying Landmarks: You'll encounter a section featuring several single-family residences.
  • 4. Passing Points of Interest: Continue straight, disregarding the basketball court positioned on your right. You'll also be nearing the Bank NPC's location.
  • 5. Pinpointing the Barber's Residence: Look out for a wall adorned with a solitary bench resting on your right. Directly opposite this landmark, on your left side, you'll find two houses positioned one in front of the other.
  • 6. Locating the Specific House: The barber resides within the smaller house positioned in front of the larger, cement-constructed residence.

Recognizing the Barber NPC:

The barber boasts a unique visual style, making him easily identifiable:

  • Distinctive Attire: He stands out by having one shoulder and arm purposefully exposed, departing from the typical suit conformity.
  • Prominent Haircut: His black hair is styled in a distinctive helmet-like manner. 

Utilizing the Barber NPC's Services:

  • 1. Initiate Interaction: Once you locate the barber, engage in conversation with him.
  • 2. Financial Requirement: Ensure you possess sufficient funds (150k Kan) to utilize his services.
  • 3. Hair Accessory Customization: The barber will present you with a list where you can input specific hair accessory IDs.
  • 4. Locating IDs: These IDs can be found within the in-game store, allowing you to personalize your character's hair without purchasing the full hair item.
  • 5. Direct ID Implementation: This innovative system empowers you to customize your character's hairstyle using precise asset IDs.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on Where to Find the Barber in Type Soul? It will help you and you can locate the barber so that you can have your haircut and in this way stand out in the customization of your character, you will only need to pay attention to the instructions provided and you will be able to enjoy even more the experiences that this wonderful game gives you offers.

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