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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to get Dogtags in Roblox A Dusty Trip.

Roblox never ceases to surprise fans with its new and incredible elements, and the collection of Dusty Trip vehicles is the clear example of this, since they have demonstrated a continuity of evolution through the arrival of an incredible military vehicle that carries name Humvee.

If you want to unlock this new vehicle, you will need to collect 25 Dogtags, and although this can be a bit complex if you do not know exactly where to look, you should not worry, since in this guide we explain everything you need to know about it to be able to collect the Dogstags.

How to get Dogtags in Roblox A Dusty Trip

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Initiating the Humvee Quest:

  • 1. Locate General Shepherd, a non-playable character (NPC), positioned near the military vehicle in the main lobby.
  • 2. Engage in conversation with General Shepherd and accept the quest to collect 25 Dogtags in exchange for the Humvee.

Selecting the Optimal Map:

  • While both the Desert Map and Plains Map are viable options, the Desert Map is demonstrably superior.
  • The Desert Map boasts a higher concentration of buildings, statistically increasing your Dogtag acquisition rate.

Preparing for the Search:

  • To expedite the Dogtag collection process, construct a high-performance vehicle to traverse vast distances swiftly.
  • Ensure your backpack possesses adequate storage capacity to accommodate the Dogtags. Discarding less valuable items may be necessary.

Locating Dogtags:

  • Dogtags are strategically placed within various buildings scattered throughout both maps. Their precise locations are randomized.
  • Prioritize searching Double Garages, as they are renowned for containing a greater volume of loot, including Dogtags.
  • Wooden buildings, due to their limited item capacity, are less productive for Dogtag retrieval.
  • Fortunately, Dogtags are visually distinct compared to other in-game objects, simplifying the identification process.

Completing the Quest:

  • 1. Upon amassing 25 Dogtags, return to General Shepherd in the main lobby.
  • 2. Initiate a conversation with General Shepherd, and he will automatically remove the Dogtags from your inventory.
  • 3. The Humvee quest will be marked as complete, and you will be rightfully rewarded with the coveted Humvee.

This is everything you need to know about How to get Dogtags in Roblox A Dusty Trip, following this guide you will surely find it easy to collect the Dogtags and in this way, be able to unlock the new and incredible military vehicle, all this, while enjoying the experiences that Roblox has for you.

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