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2024-06-12 22:39:36

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to Use Broken Element Reroll in Type Soul.

Type Soul presents you with an exciting world where you will adventure on incredible missions as you advance in the story. The best of all is that the game presents you with a large number of codes, which will undoubtedly make your experience. something more fun.

One of these codes is called abracadabra, which is offered to you by Broken Element Rerolls, however, there is an aspect regarding this that tends to be quite confusing. According to the information the game offers you, this item will help you unlock your bankai, however, this is not really the case.

For this same reason, we bring you a guide where we are going to explain what Broken Elementes Rerolls really does and how you can use it.

How to Use Broken Element Reroll in Type Soul

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Current Issues:

  • Input Disabling: Using the Broken Element Reroll from the hotbar disables player controls, rendering the character unplayable.
  • Bankai Progression Glitch: Reports from the Type Soul Discord community suggest the item disrupts bankai progression. Specifically, using it during the bankai boss fight can cause the game to glitch upon death. Players meditating to revive may find themselves reset to Stage 1.
  • Potential Bugs with Other Races: While unconfirmed, there's a possibility the Broken Element Reroll might cause similar issues with Arrancar and Quincy races.


For the time being, it's strongly advised to avoid using the Broken Element Reroll. This caution extends to all races, particularly during critical gameplay moments like the bankai boss fight.

Future Functionality:

Despite its current inoperability, the "Broken" in the item's name might hold a clue. There's a possibility that future updates might introduce a method to repair or activate the Broken Element Reroll. Here are some potential scenarios:

  • Repair NPC: Similar to how Black Elixirs are upgraded through a specific NPC, a future update could introduce an NPC with the ability to fix the Broken Element Reroll.
  • Hidden Feature: The NPC required for repair might already be present within the game world, cleverly concealed for players to discover.

Staying Informed:

We recommend following official Type Soul channels or communities for updates regarding the Broken Element Reroll's functionality and potential repair methods.

This is everything you need to know about How to Use Broken Element Reroll in Type Soul, following this guide you will surely find it easier to be able to effectively use this impressive element that, without a doubt, will make your experiences and experiences in the world from Type Soul something more exciting and fun. You will just need to be attentive and follow the instructions.

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