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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-04 20:47:01

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Our Roblox guide today is made to tell you what the Legends of Speed 2020 codes are

How to get Legends of Speed 2020 codes in Roblox?

It is important that we are all attentive because these codes usually expire quickly, it is also possible to get them when we get some new roads in which it is necessary to run, since this puts us before a competition, it even opens the possibility of exploring new maps , once we have these codes it is possible to exchange them for this it is necessary to find the Twitter icon that says Codes, it is only necessary to copy and paste, once this is done we are offered the opportunity to complete some instructions and be rewarded with some free gems.
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What are the Legend of Speed 2020 codes in Roblox?

The number of active codes add up to a total of 7 and are as follows:

Extra step

  • hyper250: to redeem it for 250 steps.
  • SPRINT250: to redeem it for 250 steps.
  • racer300: to redeem it for 300 steps.

Extra gems.

  • launch200: to exchange it for 200 gems.
  • sparkles300: to exchange it for 300 gems.
  • legends500: to exchange it for 500 gems.
  • speedchampion000: to exchange it for 5,000 gems.

Now that you know the Legends of Speed 2020 codes it is time to go for them, because it is really worth the effort in Roblox.

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