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We continue in Roblox because our goal is to tell you about the Arsenal 2020 codes, join me.

What are the 2020 Arsenal Codes in Roblox?

These are some necessary codes in the fight having as its epicenter some somewhat particular weapons, because here we are faced with a challenge to be the first man to reach the top without dying, this is a quite complex fight, because with this it is possible to achieve get the codes that can then be exchanged, only to get it you need to look for the icon on the left side of Twitter and click on it, as this will allow us to access a box where we can enter the code obtained.

What are the Arsenal 2020 codes in Roblox?

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    These are the codes that no longer work because they are inactive:

    • JulyDays!
    • ROLVE.
    • TheBloxies.
    • Soggy.

    These are the codes that are active:

    • Skin and sound codes:
    • POKE: code required to pical the skin.
    • F00LISH: code for Jackeryz skin.
    • CBROX: code for the Phoenix skin.
    • ANNA: Code to exchange it for Anna's Skin.

    These are the money codes:

    • BLOXY
    • birth
    • Spooky season
    • F00LISH

    These are the advertiser codes:

    • EPRIKA: to exchange it for Eprika announcer voice
    • KITTEN: to exchange it for Koneko announcer voice
    • FLAMINGO: to exchange it for Flamingo announcer voice
    • PET: to be exchanged for Petrify TV announcer voice
    • JOHN: to exchange it for John announcer voice
    • Bandites - to be exchanged for the Bandits' Announcer Voice.

    These are all the Arsenal 2020 codes, because it is only time to go fight for it and get the rewards that are only possible to get in Roblox.

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