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Lidia Rozo
2022-07-04 15:00:50

More about: PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers us other things to do and that is why today we will tell you how to get pets.

What are pets in PUBG Mobile?

 These are nothing more than some features that have been incorporated into this game, these are merely cosmetic, this means that we can play a game in the company of pets and in this way get the game to have a different twist, so that knowing How getting pets allows us to enjoy a accompanied match, this does not affect skills or statistics, we must also take into account that the pet is usually only visible to us, this in the middle of a large map where there is the possibility of fighting for it first place among a group of more than 100 players.

How to get pets in PUBG Mobile?

 It is necessary to take care of landing in the correct area to proceed to find the egg, once we approach the place we can see a hatch option, this allows us to obtain a pet, but it is a process that can become complex and somewhat dangerous, this is because the egg is a place where many players usually land, they all go just like us in search of the same objective.

 Here is a list of the locations in PUBG Mobile:
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  • Noverepnoye: this is the first area where we can land, it is usually located close enough to the radio tower, in this case it is necessary to be attentive, considering that it is a highly popular place to land.
  •  Pochinki: we continue the task to know How to get pets and this is another area where there is a possibility of landing, it is also popular and for this reason it is vital to be careful, to achieve this objective we will have to take care of going up to the church and getting through through the windows.
  •  Georgopol Tower: This is another of the places where we must execute this search, this is usually highly dangerous because it is an area with a lot of loot.
  •  Mylta: We continue the search and in this case it becomes vital to search the green building in the center of the location, this is a favorable place because players rarely land in this place.
  •  Stalber: this is another of the places that we will have to take care of going to get a pet, in this place there is usually loot, and it is also not a very popular place.

 This is everything you need to know about How to get pets, so it becomes necessary to get involved in this task that is only available in PUBG Mobile.

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