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Angel Marquez
2022-01-24 12:54:55

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With our PUBG guide you will learn more about How to use Emotes in a match.

What to know about the emotes in PUBG?

  It is a kind of looks that are sent in messages that can be ridiculous to other players, certainly in many games these are being seen more frequently, considering the popularity that this game has reached, it is appropriate that we know how to use them and to let's just follow the details that are going to be presented below.

How to use Emotes in a match in PUBG?

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By pressing the [~] we will arrive at the PC to open the circle of emotes, this for the keyboard in the US or in the case of Europe is the [`], being the keys located below the Esc, here we can choose by pressing on This emotes, it should be noted that they are listed, something that makes things easier for us by pressing a number on the keyboard we will see our avatar perform the emote, through the control configuration we can change the number of emotes or access their list, if we are on the Xbox One consoles we only press the LB and RB buttons at the same time to access them, while on the PS4 we press L1 and R1 at the same time, the choice on both consoles is through the right analog stick of command.

  Finally, now that we know how to use Emotes in a match we can continue to enjoy an interesting option in this busy PUBG.

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