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Apex Legends: How use Charge Towers

2020-05-13 09:53:11

We welcome you to our Apex Legends guide, where we are going to talk about how to use charge towers.

In Apex Legends it is possible that it will help us a little, this can be found in the new loading towers, it is a recent tool that will give us and our team some advantage by playing, only we should understand how to use the loading towers and for this purpose we have the present content of this guide, let's see what it brings us about it.

What are charge towers at Apex Legends for?

To our legend a loading tower can give us the opportunity that when we do not find ourselves with enough power to charge ourselves to be able to use our last one or in the same way for any of the members who are in our team, when using it it needs to be loaded, so This is where the most important role of the loading towers is, to know more about it, it is only necessary that we continue reading.

How to use charge towers in Apex Legends?

It is necessary that we have an interaction with the control panel that has the loading towers so that in this way they are activated, this is in the same towers, we must bear in mind that all of us who are in the surroundings of the towers will finish receiving charge, so it is necessary that prior to its activation we have very close to these allies, in this way they will benefit from charge that is generated, all over the area of the King's Canyon it is possible to find them, more that everything in the centers of great operations, among which is The Rig, northeast of the map, in other places we are going to be able to make discoveries, with the purpose of finding the large yellow tower that is to protrude at the base.

Knowing how to use charge towers is very interesting, since it allows us to develop and have much more fun in Apex Legends.

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