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Find out about How to fix error code CE-113212-0 in this excellent and self-explanatory PS5 guide.

What to know about error code CE-113212-0 in PS5?

It could be said that this is one of the common errors that occur in this console for now, this can occur at the moment that we try to access the PlayStation Network until trying to enter an online multiplayer game, then it is necessary that it be of our understanding the details that can help us in how to fix the error code CE-113212-0 and in this guide all the answers will be presented from here on, let's see.

How to fix error code CE-113212-0 in PS5?

The lack of internet connection can be the cause of this error in our PS5, which will lead us to turn off our router and disconnect it from the power, leaving it off for at least 5 to 10 minutes to connect it again, but it is important that related to How to fix the error code CE-113212-0 let's go to more precise solutions and we will see them below.
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  • First: in case we are aware of the correct operation of our internet, it is necessary to consider how to repair the error code CE-113212-0 that the servers may be the cause, because these PS5N may be under maintenance, then you have to check it for this we will go to the PlayStation Network page, here you will see what the status of the service is, having this solved we can go on to verify system updates, but if we see that it does not load we have to relate the error to the connection to internet in our PS5.
  • Second: a restart of our PS5 can be very useful to solve this error, thereby achieving a complete shutdown of the console, taking all the energy out of it, which will even make us perform the previous boot configurations again, then what We will do is keep the power button pressed for at least 10 seconds until the LED light turns off, we remove the power cable from the console in the back and wait another minute to press the power button of this, managing to exhaust the power that may be left, then the wait should be 20 minutes and then connect everything and restart the console, once we do it it is appropriate to test the internet by cable to see if the error has been corrected.
  • Third: the distance of the router with our console can be related to this error, so simply as to How to repair the error code CE-113212-0 can help us bring it closer to the console, which will allow the signal to be higher intensity and thus have a stable connection, in case the signals remain weak it is opportune to get another router with a higher capacity in this regard.
  • Fourth: one of the possible solutions is to turn off and on our router, it can certainly be necessary to correct the connection in our PS5, so for this we remove the power cable once we turn it off, we have to leave it so for 5 to 10 minutes to connect it again, now it only remains to see if the error has been corrected, it is important to restart all those devices that are affected.
  • Fifth: related to How to repair the error code CE-113212-0, we can choose to perform an update of the firmware of our router, for this we will go to the corresponding page of login of this, once we have logged in we have to search upgrade option.
  • Sixth: this error that occurs in our PS5 may be due to faulty DNS servers, so it is appropriate that we make a change in the DNS configuration for this we will go to the configuration, here we look for the network to configure it, then we will reach the connection to the internet here we choose the type of network we use and we will give it in advanced configuration, the one corresponding to the DNS in manual, which will lead us to place in primary and in secondary, this being Google's DNS, then we accept so that the changes are saved, finally we do a restart of our console.
  • Seventh: contacting our internet service provider may be the correct option on How to fix the error code CE-113212-0, which is because they have access to certain data that we do not, then they can determine with greater precision the failure that exists in our connection, it is important to tell them to open the TCP ports: 80, 443, 3478, 3479 and UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 ~ 65535, in case of not seeing a solution they send someone expert to help us.
  • Eighth: our last option is to contact the technical service of our console, because the problem may be this and they will be able to solve it.


We can conclude that knowing how to fix error code CE-113212-0 can be very useful to try to return to normal operation of our PS5.

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